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    Water activities

    Water activities

    There is an abundance of aquafun in Slovenia. It’s up to you how far, how fast, or how deep you dare to go!

    When you think of Slovenia you immediately think of the wealth it possesses in the form of water: lakes, wild mountain streams and crystal clear springs. So it is not surprising that Slovenians love to have fun on or by the water. “By the water” probably does not need explanation while activities on the water are much more diverse and to a certain extent unknown, especially those on wild rivers.

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    Probably the best known and most widespread activity is riding the river rapids in a large rubber boat, in the company of friends, known as rafting. Rafting is perhaps the most popular water activity for tourists and is a safe way of experiencing a wild river, remote valleys and having an adrenaline rush. Besides all this, you gain some lessons in the functioning and inter-connecting of a team – teambuilding. You can also try rafting in almost all of Slovenia’s regions, the best known locations are in the Alps – Soča ValleyBohinjBled and Upper Savinja Valley. However, you should by no means overlook Bela Krajina with the River Kolpa, Dolenjska and its River Krka or even Ljubljana and the River Sava. You can find companies offering a rafting experience everywhere. Each river offers a different experience, some are emerald green, others are mysteriously dark, some are slow and tranquil, others wild and untamed. Spending time on any of them will fill you with energy, soothe your spirit or help you connect with the other people on the boat.



    The next step is the kayak, a boat in which you sit on your own or with another person and use your skill and strength to move forward on rivers, lakes or the sea. As this is a little more demanding, it is a good idea to do a course that will teach you how to paddle and gradually learn how to explore rivers. In this way your experience will not turn into a nightmare but a love for paddling and a life-long passion for the sport. The Sava near Ljubljana is a good place for getting to grips with your paddle, but you can also find gently flowing sections of the Soča, the Sava Bohinjka, Sava Dolinka, Savinja, Drava, Krka, Kolpa etc. You can learn to paddle anywhere. Kayaking schools can usually be found together with rafting companies.



    If all this is not enough for the adventurous spirit inside you, and you yearn for an even wilder experience, then canyoningis the right activity for you. Explore remote, narrow gorges where light hardly ever reaches the water. Dressed in a thick wetsuit to protect you against the cold, you will make your way step by step through the gorge, partly by climbing, partly by sliding and occasionally jumping into deep pools of crystal clear water. An incredible experience which you can find mostly in the Slovenian Alps, i.e. in the Julian or Kamnik-Savinja Alps. To try canyoning you should be relatively fit as it usually involves some climbing, swimming and of course walking.



    Water adventures do not take place only on wild or rapidly flowing water. A wonderful adventure can also be had on calmer waters such as on slow-flowing rivers, lakes and the sea. It will be easiest for you to master the basics of paddling on calm water and this will also allow you to see the world from a different perspective. As you are usually on your own on the water, everything around you is at peace, while the bow of your boat gently ripples the water. On some rivers, like the Kolpa, some people travel by boat for several days, camping on the way. When paddling on lakes, especially those in national parks, you must abide by the rules as there are special points for accessing the water, and permits bought in the local tourist office are also required.

    On calm waters (lakessea) different vessels are used from those on wild water. They are more suitable for long trips as they can go faster and usually have more room for luggage. If you are setting off on a long river journey, it is essential that you consult maps and satellite images beforehand, to find out where rapids or hydroelectric power plants are located, where you will have to transport your boat overland. It is also important to know where you can leave the river. An alternative to the kayak, that is suitable for more than one person, is the classic canoe, which you can also hire in all regions.



    Stand up paddle surfing or SUP is also very popular on calm waters. When SUPing you should be aware that it is very sensitive to wind and water currents, so don’t forget to take this into account lest you end up on the wrong side of the lake or sea.