Welcome to Central Slovenia!

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    Ljubljana and Central Slovenia

    A great starting point, no matter where in Slovenia you’re headed!



    Ljubljana and Central Slovenia

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    Central Slovenia is a great starting point for outdoor adventures, regardless of where in Slovenia you’re headed. It’s interesting in itself, and it may happen that you won’t be in any rush to leave. Wonderful Ljubljana, unspoilt forests, clean water, which we have in abundance, and dynamic relief will inspire your spirit and imagination. Not to mention excellent locally produced food and our world-class wines.

    Gems of Central Slovenia

    Active experiences, incredible memories, breathtaking nature, friendly people, etc.

    Wonderful Ljubljana

    The centre of the central Slovenian region is marked by our capital city, Ljubljana, which is full of inspiring history, interesting architecture, rich cultural life, and a relaxed urban atmosphere. Ljubljana is a wonderful city, where urban elements intertwine with green nature at every step. It’s located in the Ljubljana Basin, which transitions into the surrounding hills.


    Ljubljana is also central in the geographical sense, as its only 37 km away from the geometric centre of Slovenia. This can be found in the village of Vače near Litija.


    North of Ljubljana, Central Slovenia stretches across the Škofja Loka Hills and the Idrija Hills towards the Alps. It also meets the Alps near Kamnik and in Cerklje na Gorenjskem. South of Ljubljana, it continues towards Bela Krajina and Kočevsko.


    The nature is lush in Central Slovenia. The land is covered in dense forests. These are particularly rich in Kočevsko. In general, forests cover no less than 58% of Slovenia’s total area.


    There’s also a lot of water. The area is a basin into which the rivers coming from the Alps and the Karst flow: the longest Slovenian river – the River Sava, the River Kamniška Bistrica, the River Gradaščica, the River Sora, the River Ljubljanica, and the River Iška.


    Do you prefer lakes? The intermittent Lake Cerknica, which is home to many local animal and plant species, disappears in the summer. The mysterious Lake Divje (or Wild Lake) near Idrija, which is considered a gem of Slovenia’s natural heritage, has been made into a museum in nature. Its size is only 60 x 40 metres, but the greatest depth measured thus far is an impressive 160 metres.


    Welcome to Central Slovenia!

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path. Find the best trails and outdoor activities in your selected location. The map will show you recommended trails with their elevation, estimated time, and instructions. Download GPRX data to your phone and begin your adventure.


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    An interesting mixture of various cultures, a venue for sporting, cultural, and business events. Ljubljana is a city with a green soul.


    Go exploring the green forests of the Kočevsko region. Its deepest corners hide the remains of primeval forests. Listen carefully, perhaps you’ll hear a bear roaring. The nature in Kočevsko has a network of numerous trails, which invite you to explore the area on foot or by bicycle. A mysterious forest, clean water sources, and natural landmarks have created ideal conditions for having contact with nature.


    Kamnik is a medieval town offering plenty of experiences in nature. It’s inseparably connected to the Velika Planina plateau, which is a popular hiking, cycling, and skiing destination. Just a few kilometres from the town, at the foot of the Kamnik and Savinja Alps, is the Kamniška Bistrica Valley, which is a starting point for trips to the mountains, for mountain running, and mountain biking.

    Ceklje na Gorenjskem

    Cerklje na Gorenjskem, a town where the Ljubljana Basin meets the Alpine world of the Kamnik and Savinja Alps, is a starting point for many hiking and cycling routes and ascents to the ski resort Krvavec


    Rich natural heritage with natural monuments, the Goriški Mah bog, the River Ljubljanica and its tributaries, Lake Podpeč, a karst field (also: ‘karst polje’), and many other natural landmarks can be seen on your hiking or cycling trail.

    Bela krajina

    The Bela krajina region along the legendary border River Kolpa amazes with images of litter meadows full of silver birches. The River Krka is ideal for various water experiences, such as rowing, canoeing, kayaking, or rafting, which can be enjoyed along the entire length of the river.

    Škofja Loka and Idrija

    Škofja Loka and Idrija are towns rich in historical and cultural heritage, which are also an excellent starting point for exploring the Julian Alps. Embark on an exploration by bicycle or on foot, discover the history of mining in Idrija and go for a walk on the themed trails in Škofja Loka's surrounding area.

    Škofja Loka Area

    The Škofja Loka area is a paradise for hikers, cyclists and anglers, while in winter there is plenty for skiers too. The landscape, encircled by the Cerkno and Idrija hills, is heaven for all outdoor enthusiasts.