Alpine Slovenia

An idyllic landscape with an incredible natural backdrop

Alpska Slovenija

    Upper Savinja Valley

    If you’d like to experience a typical Alpine landscape, visit the Upper Savinja Valley



    Upper Savinja Valley


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    Upper Savinja valley covers the Kamnik and Savinja Alps with the Alpine valleys Matkov Kot Valley, Robanov Kot Valley, Logar Valley, del Karavanke Valley with Mt Olševa and the high Alpine karst plateaus Golte, Menina Planina, and Dobrovlje.


    In the Upper Savinja Valley, you won’t be bored no matter what you do. And if you can’t decide what to see, make sure to visit the Logar Valley Landscape Park. Many consider it to be one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in Europe. Visit it, see the Rinka Waterfall, and climb up to Potočka Zijalka Cave, once home to prehistoric humans.


    A drive on the Solčava Panoramic Road, a road with the most beautiful views, is a must. You can also visit the Robanov Kot and Golte landscape parks. If you’d like to go underground, visit the Snežna Jama Cave (‘Snow Cave’). The highest-lying tourist cave in Slovenia, dating back from 10 to 12 million years, will be a true revelation for the lovers of the underground. Don’t forget to wear warm clothing!


    A special mark is given to this area by the crystal-clear green torrent-like River Savinja. It flows from the Logar Valley to Ljubno through 20 km of rocky ravines and wonderful gorges.

    A valley formed by ice and the headstrong River Savinja.

    Who doesn’t know the picturesque Logar Valley, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe and home to the largest waterfall in Slovenia, the Rinka Waterfall?

    Active experiences in the Upper Savinja Valley

    In the winter, you can go skiing on the Golte plateau or try ski touring and winter hiking. Cross-country skiing is popular in the valley, while ski jumping can be enjoyed at the Ljubno Ski Jumping Centre.


    The hills surrounding the Upper Savinja Valley just beckon you to hike to their peaks. In addition to the mountains, there’s also a wide range of smaller hills, which are the most popular among hikers.


    If you prefer cycling, go on a family cycling trip to the Logar Valley. Mountain bikers should head to the Golte plateau and Mt Smrekovec.


    Water sports: we recommend rafting and kayaking on the River Savinja. The River Savinja is filled with fish, so fishermen won’t be disappointed either.