Sproščanje adrenalina na reki Soči

Alpine Slovenia

In the company of the emerald beauty

Alpska Slovenija

    Soča Valley

    In addition to the emerald river, you’ll also be excited about adrenaline-fuelled adventures which make this valley one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Europe.



    Soča Valley

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    The Soča river leaves an unavoidable mark on the valley, the locals, and the towns along the river. In Bovec, a small town filled with adventures and adrenaline, you’ll feel a true holiday-time hustle and bustle. Kanin rises above the town, it’s Slovenia’s highest-lying ski centre. The magical Trenta Valley, just a stone’s throw away from Bovec, provides peaceful and unforgettable experiences in unspoilt nature.


    Kobarid, a town located slightly down the river, is famous for cuisine and the largest European museum devoted to World War I. If you find the water in the River Soča too cold, head to the warmer River Nadiža.


    If you continue your way down the valley, you’ll reach Tolmin. There, summers have a festival atmosphere, as Tolmin hosts multiple world-renowned music festivals. They are held at the idyllic confluence of the rivers Soča and Tolminka. The magical Trenta Valley provides peaceful and unforgettable experiences in unspoilt nature.


    The valley has a mix of sub-Mediterranean, Alpine, and continental climate. Summers are warm, with temperatures rising up to 30 degrees Celsius. Compared to the rest of the Alps, winters are mild. The Kanin mountain range experiences the most precipitation in Slovenia, mostly in the form of snow, which falls between November and March. The emerald-green River Soča and its tributaries are home to the indigenous Soča trout, which inspires the imagination of fly fishing enthusiasts.

    A wide array of experiences in the Soča Valley

    Lose control of yourselves just for a moment and take crazy adrenaline-fuelled adventures head on. Ride on the wild waves of the River Soča or conquer your fear of heights by going ziplining.

    Active experiences in the Soča Valley

    Kayaking, rafting, canyoning, and hydrospeeding on the River Soča are true adrenaline-fuelled adventures. If you like swimming, visit the River Nadiža, which is warmer than the Soča. Fly fishing is very popular in the Soča, its tributaries, and the River Idrijca.


    There’s a lot happening in the air, too. The range of hills towering above the valley provides incredible conditions for paragliding. Paragliders come here from all over the world. Near Bovec, right next to the Soča, there’s a sports airport, one of the most beautiful of its kind in Europe.


    The adrenaline-fuelled 3 km zip line above the Alpine Krnica Valley in the Kanin range is one of the top attractions in the Soča Valley. Views of the Bovec Basin and of mountains taller than 2000 metres extend from 200 m above the ground.


    Hikers can find numerous hiking trails with various levels of difficulty. Pick the one that takes you in the footsteps of the Soča Front. Or choose the Alpe Adria and Juliana long-distance trails. Mountaineers prefer one of the mountain peaks, while climbers like climbing sites for sport climbing and via ferratas. Cyclists can enjoy trails with various levels of difficulty.


    Cave explorers (speleologists) can also find something to do. At the Kaninski Podi plateau, you can find entrances to the deepest caves and cave systems in Europe.


    You can go skiing at Slovenia’s highest-lying ski centre, Kanin. Cross-country skiing tracks are also arranged in the valley.


    The most important eventsSoča Outdoor Festival, Bovec Marathon, Hiking Festival, BOFF (Bovec Outdoor Film Festival), Food and Art Festival in Kobarid.