Welcome to a land of hikers, rock climbers, and world-class mountaineers!


    More than 15,000 km of mountain, themed, and walking trails and well-maintained hiking infrastructure invite you to explore and exercise. Experience Slovenia. See what it’s like here!

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    Are you up for some relaxing hiking in Slovenia’s lowlands or dynamic highlands and mountains? Are you a mountaineer, do you like climbing? Are you keen on via ferrata routes? Are you looking for ideas for a family outing in nature? Are you a fan of hiking festivals? Or would you like to spend your summer hiking on an interesting long-distance trail


    All of this is at your fingertips in Slovenia, a country which covers just over 20,000 square kilometres. It has a network of 10,000 km of well-marked mountain trails and 5,000 km of themed and walking trails. They take you through lowlands, highlands, and the mountains.


    In the highland hills, you’ll mostly find forest trails, dirt roads, and paths. Many are suitable for a family walk. You’ll explore the lowlands among gentle hills and plains, vast forests, and vineyards. And our mountains have more than 352 peaks that are higher than 2000 metres. Demanding mountain trails are usually secured with steel wires and metal rungs. Certainly, you also have to take care of your own safety – by having appropriate equipment, knowledge, and by being in a suitable physical and mental condition.


    The infrastructure that provides visitors with access to hiking starting points is excellent and distances are short. If, for example, you leave the capital city of Ljubljana early enough, you can enjoy the view from one of our tallest mountains even before noon strikes and then find some refreshment in a nearby river or lake on your way back.  yOnour hike, make sure to plan a break in a mountain cabin, where you’ll be served local dishes and herbal teas from nearby meadows. If you decide to spend the night in a mountain cabin or in other specialised hiking accommodation, you can count on authentic friendliness and warmth. Yes, that’s what Slovenia is all about! Welcome.

    Hiking in Slovenia

    The best time

    You’ll encounter hikers in Slovenia in all seasons. The best places to visit in the winter are Slovenia’s lowlands and hills. Don’t forget, however, that the days are short and that the landscape is often covered in snow in winter.


    Even in spring, when the snow in lower-lying areas melts and nature begins to bud, the weather conditions are still the most appropriate in the hills and lowlands. In the mountains, the snow cover is usually still very high in the spring. And most of the higher-lying mountain cabins are still closed until mid-June.


    People who love mountains finally get to enjoy them in summer. Most of the remaining snow melts in June, although hikers may still encounter it later in some sunless locations. Days are usually hot and nights are cold. Storms are also frequent, but they mostly occur in the afternoon. This is why we recommend that you head out to the mountains in the early hours of the morning. Don’t forget to use suitable equipment, which will protect you from the cold and humidity.


    Autumn is the most beautiful time for hiking. Nature blesses us with a wonderful array of colours. Don’t forget to dress warmly and check the working hours of mountain cabins. Higher-lying cabins close in mid-September, but many are open longer.

    Markings and signposts along the way

    It’s not just about the destination, enjoy the (marked) trail, too

    Mountain trails are marked with red signposts, which also include the approximate walking time required to reach your destination, and with Knafelc blazes. The trail blazes – a white circle surrounded by a thick red line – can be seen everywhere along the way, on tree trunks, rocks, or other suitable objects. They are usually always located on the right side, looking from the direction of walking.


    Themed trails are marked with yellow signposts and a yellow blaze (a white circle surrounded by a yellow ring). Some themed trails also use their own logos and markings for trail blazing. Themed trails are very popular among families with young children, as they are mostly flat and the stories that they tell keep the children interested.

    With a guide or on your own?

    If you’re exploring Slovenia on your own, your job will be made easier by mountain maps with scales of 1:50,000 and 1:25,000, guide books for individual mountain ranges in foreign languages, GPS tracks for mountain trails and themed trails, mobile applications, and specialised websites with digitised topographic maps. These can be purchased in bookstores around Slovenia, at tourist information centres, or you can download them online.


    Check for guided tours at Hiking & Biking Slovenia, specialised hiking accommodation facilities, and specialised travel agencies. There are many of them.


    Yes, that’s what Slovenia is all about! See you there?