Where will you go? Once you leave the centre of Slovenia, you’ll reach its most remote areas within two hours.

    Slovenske Alpe

    Alpine Slovenia

    Slovenia is an Alpine country. You can admire Alpine peaks from afar as soon as you land at Slovenia's central airport or while you're walking through the capital city of Ljubljana.

    Alpska Slovenija
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    Ljubljana and Central Slovenia

    A great starting point, no matter where in Slovenia you’re headed!

    Osrednja Slovenija
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    Mediteranska in Kraška Slovenija

    Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia

    The astonishing karst world, a landscape covered with vineyards, the sound of the waves, the elegance of white horses – allow the beauties of Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia to take your breath away.

    Kraško-mediteranska Slovenija
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    Thermal and Pannonian Slovenia

    Feel the power of medicinal waters, taste the fruit of fertile land, experience the mysticism of the plains.

    Termalno-panonska Slovenija
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