Poletne počitnice v Bohinju, Bohinjsko jezero, Foto: Tomo Jeseničnik

6 top destinations for summer vacation in Slovenia

Discover the land of active experiences. Visit the most popular destinations: Bohinj, Kočevje region, Kranjska Gora, Posavje region, Soča Valley and Brda

    6 top destinations for summer vacation in Slovenia

    Summer vacation time. Where to go? Where the Adriatic and the Alps join in a rainbow, lies Slovenia. A small country nestled amid green nature, covering an area of more than 20,000 square kilometres. It is a land of many opportunities for summer holidays and day trips, especially for those who want to spend the coming days or months in peaceful, clean and unspoiled nature.

    summer vacation Spring is slowly turning into summer, so it’s time to start thinking about how and where you’ll spend your summer days. Let this summer be a little different. Wondering about all the things you could do in our beautiful country? Check out six top destinations for spending your summer days in Slovenia!


    Travelling around Slovenia brings an abundance of interesting experiences because of its varied landscape with sights of many towns, the countryside and hills, relaxing thermal spas and culinary delights, and offers great opportunities for active summer holidays for all ages.

    6 top destinations for summer holidays in Sloveniai, S kajakom po Bohinjskem jezeru, Foto: Ciril Jazbec

    Canoeing on Lake Bohinj
    Photo: Ciril Jazbec

    1. Bohinj


    Bohinj and its surroundings are slightly less touristy compared to nearby Bled. It lies in the heart of the Julian Alps. It encompasses the valley of Nomenj, the Lower and Upper Bohinj valleys, lake basin, the Pokljuka and Jelovica plateaus and the high mountain areas. The twenty-four villages in and above the valley hide the attractive riches of the past, the cheerfulness of the present and the mystery of the future. Its varied landscape offers cycling lovers both family-friendly cycling paths and the more challenging trails. Mountain lovers will discover many mountain trails, while lovers of natural sights will enjoy the view of Bohinj’s main natural attraction, Lake Bohinj, which attracts fans of water activities throughout the year. In the warmer months, Lake Bohinj is great for swimming, boating, surfing, kayaking and canoeing, fishing and diving. In the high season, families can enjoy a wonderful panoramic boat trip or go on a walk along the lake shore. The ideal way to experience the splendour of nature is hiking to one of Slovenia’s most picturesque waterfalls, the Savica Waterfall, on a trail starting in Ukanc just a few kilometres away, or to the Mostnica stream with its naturally carved two-kilometre gorge winding through the valley of Voje just above the village of Stara Fužina.


    There are a great many accommodation options in Bohinj and its surroundings. You can stay at the Hike & Bike Chalet or the Hostel pod Voglom, located not far from Ribičev laz and catering to the slightly less demanding guests. Those who prefer to camp will enjoy Camp Danica, which blends perfectly with the tranquil and unspoiled natural backdrop. If you would rather pamper yourself, you can stay at the Bohinj ECO Hotel.

    2. The Soča Valley


    If you are a fan of outdoor activities, the Soča Valley, also known as Posočje, is definitely the part of Slovenia that we recommend. Go kayaking and rafting on the Soča River and discover the beauty of the pristine canyons and enchanting pools that delight fishermen and bathers. Those who prefer hiking will enjoy the vast mountain world of the Julian Alps and the stunning views stretching all the way to the Adriatic Sea. Increasing numbers of cyclists are discovering the exceptional nature of the Soča Valley and its varied cycling trails and paths. And if you are looking for thrills, you will not be disappointed. We recommend paragliding, or you can muster up the courage to skydive, brave the longest zipline in this part of Europe, or get you heart pumping in one of the adventure parks. The Soča Valley is a great place to relax in winter too, when lovers of snowy slopes can head to the Kanin-Sella Nevea cross-border ski resort, enjoy guided sledging, or the more challenging ski touring and ice climbing adventures.


    The Soča Valley offers an abundance of accommodation options, allowing you to experience the holiday bustle of the alpine Bovec, discover why Kobarid ranks as one of the world’s top culinary destinations, attend one of Tolmin’s annual festivals and explore the scenic medieval town of Kanal. Among them are Kamp Koren, Jelkin Hram Guesthouse, Robidišče Outdoor Home, Positive Sport and Soča Valley Freeride outdoor agencies, Hotel Boka in Bovec, Hotel Dvorec in Tolmin, Hotel Sabotin in Solkan, Hotel Špik in Gozd Martuljek and the adventure Soča Fun Park.


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    6 top destinations for summer holidays in Slovenia, Osvežitev v reki Soči, Dolina Soče, Foto: Domen Grgl

    Refreshment in the Soča River
    Photo: Domen Grögl/STA

    3. Brda


    Following the emerald beauty takes us from the Soča Valley all the way to the vineyard-covered hills of Brda, which will delight any lover of good food and wine. Brda’s cultural heritage includes the Gothic Church of the Holy Cross, the Šmartno cultural monument, Villa Vipolže, Slovenia’s most beautiful renaissance villa, the monument to victims of the Second World War in Gonjače, and the Dobrovo Castle museum collection. For natural landmarks, visit the Krčnik natural stone bridge and the three pools in the Kožbanjšček valley, a popular summer bathing spot for the youth of Brda. If you prefer to explore the landscape on foot, you can climb Sabotin, a popular hiking destination in the Goriška region offering panoramic views, as well as natural attractions and history. You can also hike up the 812-metre Korada, the highest point of Brda, which the locals call Kobalar after the farm Pri Kobalarju. Just below the peak lie the Church of St. Genderca and a mountain hut built on the foundations of First World War military structures. A variety of meadow plant species that have mostly disappeared elsewhere in Brda can still be found here. Brda are also a great place for couples wanting to get married. An idyllic landscape with diverse natural backdrops. In every season, Brda offer a different colour palette, from the vibrant green of springtime, dotted with pink and white flowers, to the luxurious shades of orange, yellow, brown and gold in late autumn. It is thus not surprising that Brda are regarded as one of Slovenia’s most beautiful wedding destinations. To make your stay in Brda perfect, stay at San Martin, a romantic hotel with a viewing terrace and a wellness centre, which doubles as one of the stops on the famous Alpe Adria Trail.

    6 top destinations for summer holidays in Slovenia, Kolesarjenje po Brdih, Foto: Tomo Jeseničnik

    Cycling in Brda
    Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik

    4. Posavje region


    Destination Čatež and Posavje is certainly not one of those that leaves you indifferent in any way. Thermal waters, refreshing rivers, lush green nature, wine-growing hills and friendly local people are just some of the reasons why the Posavje region makes such an enormous impact. Pamper your senses with thermal and gastronomic experiences. Travel in time and discover the rich cultural heritage of the Posavje region. Enjoy the richness of this green destination where you can experience the adrenaline rush or recharge your batteries while engaging in numerous outdoor activities available.


    Home to beautiful unspoiled nature, Posavje invites you to its hills and mountains with exceptional views, as well as picturesque vineyards and forests which invigorate you and ease the burdens of everyday life. The cycling experiences along several cycling trails are also unforgettable. With different levels of difficulty, each trail brings its own set of pleasures and challenges.


    With its natural diversity, the Posavje region offers many adrenaline sports that make your heart beat faster, even if you are an extreme adrenalin enthusiast. Among the most popular adrenaline-filled activities in the Posavje region are undoubtedly paragliding, hang-gliding, ballooning and secured climbing routes (via ferratas).


    A variety of water experiences can be found in the Posavje region. With its historic hot springs, dating back to the 18th century, the region offers visitors numerous places to enjoy its thermal waters. Thermal tourism today plays a key role in the destination’s overall tourism activities. In addition to thermal water fun, a variety of water sports are also available, such as stand-up paddleboarding and canoeing.


    Posavje is a water-rich region. The Sava and Krka rivers, with their numerous tributaries, streams and ponds, provide a rich catch and plenty of fishing opportunities. The longest and most beautiful fishing trail in Europe runs along the Sava River in Radeče and Sevnica. The high-quality fish from the Sava and Krka rivers play an increasingly important role in the regional cuisine.


    The heritage of Posavje region is extremely rich with cultural remains dating back to 4.000 BC. Artefacts were found in the mysterious Ajdovska cave which is open for sightseeing. Ajdovski gradec, one of the largest early Christian sites in the Alps, also invites you to experience a special adventure.
    The Posavje region is especially recognizable with its medieval castles, where Sevnica castle has a cellar of the Blaufrankisch, Rajhenburg castle boasts a history of Trappists and Podsreda Castle displays a medieval kitchen. Raka castle boasts an extensive Baroque collection of objects, Mokrice Castle is home to a boutique hotel, while Brežice castle houses a regional museum with one of the most beautiful baroque halls in Slovenia — the Knight’s hall. The Cistercian monastery Kostanjevica na Krki with the Božidar Jakac Art Museum is also very special, and Dolinšek’s hayrack with its ethnological collection is certainly worth a visit, too.

    6 top destinations for summer holidays in Slovenia, Posavje, reka Krka, Foto: Andrej Tarfila

    Water adventures on the Krka River
    Photo: Andrej Tarfila

    5. Kočevje


    The nature in the Kočevje region is criss-crossed with trails that invite exploration on foot or by bike. The mysterious Kočevje forests seem to dare hikers to explore them. You can embark on short or multi-day hiking tours along marked trails of various difficulty. You will also find it very difficult to resist the charms of water activities. Those who prefer to spend summer days in a more calm manner and surrounded by family can find inspiration at many natural bathing spots. Water sports and adrenaline lovers will enjoy rafting, kayaking or canoeing down the Kolpa River. The Kočevje region is also a destination for sailors. Lake Kočevje invites you to glide on its calm surface in a small sailboat. Or you can go diving and discover Lake Kočevje’s exciting underwater world. There are also many opportunities for fly-fishing around Kočevje. The most popular fly-fishing spots are Lake Kočevje and the Kolpa River. The Reško Lake, filled with predatory fish, and the Rinža River also offer plenty of fly-fishing pleasures. You can also discover the Kočevje region on horseback, accompanied by experienced guides, who will lead you on an expedition to the beautiful hidden parts of the Kočevje forests. Cyclists, on the other hand, can discover the rich natural and cultural heritage riding well-maintained trails of various difficulty, suitable both for family trips and more challenging tours. For a pure adrenaline rush, visit the MTB trail centre and hit the well-maintained downhill tracks running along the slopes of Mount Stojna. Kids can test their mountain bike skills on the beginners trail. Wilderness lovers will also find tranquillity and peace in the Kočevje region, and we recommend that you go photo-hunting for unique natural sights and animals, and spend the night under the stars.

    6 top destinations for summer holidays in Slovenia, Skrivnostni Kočevski pragozd, Foto: Ciril Jazbec

    The mysterious Kočevje primeval forest
    Photo: Ciril Jazbec

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    6 top destinations for summer holidays in Slovenia, Jezero Jasna, Kranjska Gora, Foto: Tomo Jeseničnik

    Lake Jasna in Kranjska Gora
    Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik

    6. Kranjska Gora


    Under the warm summer sun, Kranjska Gora is an excellent destination for summer holidays and outdoor activities. Do you enjoy walks in nature? There are hiking trails to suit everyone, from recreational hikes to challenging mountain tours. Another very popular summer activity is cycling, where you can choose between leisurely pedalling or taking on the more demanding trails that start in Mojstrana, formerly a mining and iron-working settlement, and lead you into the hearts of three Alpine valleys. The Krma Valley provides easy access to Triglav, the Kot Valley captivates with its stillness, and the Vrata Valley overwhelms with the Peričnik Waterfall and the view of the majestic north face of Triglav. A well-known winter sports destination is Podkoren, which hosts the annual Alpine Ski World Cup. It’s an enchanting and idyllic place well-worth visiting in summer too. Gozd Martuljek in the vicinity of Kranjska Gora is definitely a village that breathes with the mountains. A wonderful mixture of rich ethnographic heritage and unspoiled Alpine nature with many mountain waterfalls passing through the Martuljek Forest. In summer, hikers in particular are drawn to the pristine nature and mountains of the area. In winter, the torrential waterfalls turn into beautiful ice curtains, to the delight of ice climbers.