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    Water activities on lakes

    Our wonderful lakes. There are many, and they have a lot to offer. So, let’s get to it!

    People love rowing, swimming, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, and even sailing and scuba diving in Slovenia’s lakes. Ice-skating in the winter. Enjoying the views. Lakes are popular hiking and cycling destinations. There are so many that we cannot decide which one is our favourite. We protect them and respect them. Nature conservation and environmental protection are a commitment of all those who wish to enjoy nature’s beauty.

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    Refreshment in a crystal-clear lake

    One of the most recognisable images that we connect to Slovenia is Lake Bled. Have you heard of it? It’s a little picturesque lake with a church on an island in the middle, with Bled Castle dominating a 135-metre cliff towering above the mirror-like water. The surrounding mountain peaks are also breathtaking. This idyllic glacial lake surrounded by the Alps attracts multitudes of visitors all year round. In the summer, visitors can swim, row, stand-up paddleboard, and fish in the lake. In the winter, the lake often freezes, so ice-skating is possible if the conditions are right.

    Experiences on Lake Bled

    Other glacial lakes are also stunning. There are many, and all of them, with the exception of Lake Bled, are located in Triglav National Park in the far northwestern part of Slovenia. The beautiful little lakes in the Valley of Triglav Lakes, Križ and Krn Lakes, and the largest lake, Lake Bohinj. The crystal-clear water here is colder than in the nearby Lake Bled, as there are no fewer than 40 sources of clean drinking water at the bottom of the lake.


    You can go swimming in Lake Bohinj when the water gets warm enough, and the lake is also popular with surfers, kayakers, and canoeists. There’s also plenty to interest fishermen and scuba divers. In cold winters, when the lake freezes, ice-skaters get their turn.


    Lakes can be found all around Slovenia. The plateau-like Pohorje Hills in northeastern Slovenia, for example, have a wealth of little lakes. They were created in impermeable soil where, over time, mountain marshes developed. Lake Lovrenc, Lake Ribnica, and the Black Lake (Črno Jezero) are the most popular hiking and cycling destinations. Just a stone’s throw towards the east, visitors can find Lake Bukovnica in Prekmurje. It offers fishing, an adrenaline park, and relaxation at energy points. Something for everyone!

    The mysterious image of Lovrenc Lakes

    The mysterious karst world is also interesting. Karst caves, losing streams, and intermittent lakes. A visit to Lake Cerknica in the Cerknica Field is a must. It is one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. Popular water activities before the water disappears in the summer include swimming, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, and ice-skating in the winter. In the summer, when the water disappears, it’s worth visiting the Cerknica Field by bicycle or on foot, as it is an incredible animal and plant habitat.

    Intermittent Lake Cerknica

    Lake Divje Jezero (Wild Lake) near Idrija also impresses visitors with its emerald green colour. It’s thought to be the deepest lake in Slovenia. Scuba divers have descended to an impressive depth of 160 m.


    Some artificial lakes are interesting and popular, too. Not far from Kranjska Gora, visitors can go to Lake Jasna, which will take their breath away with its beauty. In the summer, when the water gets just warm enough, this lake surrounded by a mountain backdrop becomes the perfect place for swimming, diving from a diving platform, rowing, and stand-up paddleboarding. It can also provide a refreshing dip when you return from one of the many hiking trails in the surrounding area.


    Lake Velenje has a beautiful well-maintained beach with a diving platform. There, visitors can sail, surf, and stand-up paddleboard. There is even a dog beach for your pets. Not far from there, near Celje, is the popular Lake Šmartno (Šmartinsko Jezero), a paradise for fishing and a popular location for fishing competitions.


    Lake Ptuj, a paradise for birds and recreation, is located near the historical town of Ptuj in eastern Slovenia. In nearby Duplek, there is a sports and recreational centre devoted to wakeboarding and water skiing – Wake Park Dooplek.

    Water activities on Velenje Beach