Alpine Slovenia

A paradise in the heart of Alps

Alpska Slovenija


    Lake Bled, with its famous Bled Island, is the most-visited tourist destination in Slovenia in addition to the capital city of Ljubljana. And deservedly so!





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    Here, the Julian Alps stand proud in their full beauty. Countless mountains and peaks, hidden gorges, and Lake Bled, of course. There’s a picturesque island with a church in the middle of the lake, which you can reach by a traditional boat called ‘pletna’. Bled Castle dominates the lake from a 135-metre cliff towering above the lake. Bled is an excellent starting point for exploring the surrounding villages. The Pokljuka plateau is also worth visiting. There’s no shortage of exploring and hiking opportunities.


    A visit to the Vintgar Gorge is a must. Carved through vertical rock formations made by the River Radovna, this gorge will stun you with its waterfalls, natural pools, and white waters.

    See you in Bled.

    Bled, the icon of Slovenian tourism

    A picturesque and fairy-tale view of a lake with an island and an age-old castle impresses every visitor. You’ll find it stunning, too!

    Active experiences in Bled

    Rowing, swimming, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, pletna boat rides, and scuba diving in Lake Bled. Rafting and canoeing down the River Sava Bohinjka. There are many diverse water activities available.


    Lake Bled and the nearby rivers also attract fishermen. You can choose between classic fishing and fly fishing. However, don’t forget to get a fishing licence.


    Bled offers picturesque walking paths around the lake and trails to the nearby Pokljuka plateau.


    You can go cycling at an easy pace around the lake or explore the nearby Alpine villages. Mountain bikers will also be happy to find something for them.


    There’s a lot happening in Bled in winter, too. Ice-skating on the frozen lake, sledging, and skiing at one of the nearby ski centres. The small Straža ski centre is located just above the lake. There, you can also have fun in summer, as you can go tobogganing, and there’s an adrenaline park on top of the slope.


    Take your children to an adventure park or tobogganing, or go for a work on the walking paths or for a swim as a family.


    We’re sure than golfers have already heard of the famous Bled golf course. It was built in 1937 at the initiative of the Yugoslav Royal Family of Karađorđević. The oldest and largest golf course in Slovenia is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe.


    Cultural, entertainment, and sports events are carried out all year long.