Feeling good between health resorts and wine-growing hills.

Termalno-panonska Slovenija

    Thermal and Pannonian Slovenia

    Feel the power of medicinal waters, taste the fruit of fertile land, experience the mysticism of the plains.



    Thermal and Pannonian Slovenia


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    Welcome to Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

    The plain transitions into gentle rolling hills on the horizon. The mist above the rivers and meadows provides shelter to many animals. The flora is diverse and lush. Many trails will take you past fields, meadows, and through villages, where scarce locals greet visitors with a smile. Vineyards cover the gentle hills, and the food is incredible. After a day packed with active experiences, spas and many kinds of medicinal waters await you. You can expect all this if you pick this wonderful part of Slovenia as your next destination.

    Experience the mystical world of Slovenia’s plains

    A diverse and picturesque landscape, rich in thermal waters, vineyards, and calm rivers.

    Thermal Pannonian Slovenia covers approximately a quarter of our territory. It stretches across northeastern and eastern Slovenia, where plains and gentle hills are predominant. It mostly doesn’t exceed 400 metres in elevation.


    The land is fertile and rich in therapeutic waters. These waters have contributed to the development of natural health resorts and spas, of which there are many here. You are sure to remember this part of Slovenia for the proverbial hospitality of the locals and the excellent cuisine. Lovers of outdoor exercise will have plenty of opportunities to experience this part of Slovenia on foot, by bicycle, in the water or air.


    Where will your journey take you?

    If you’d like to experience the mysticism of the plains, visit Pomurje. The River Mura has left a unique mark on its landscape. Head to the rolling hills of Goričko by hopping on your bicycle or simply on foot. Explore the trails that lead you along the River Mura. Enjoy spa treatments, and the local cuisine is a must, too.


    The Dolenjska region is also known for its plains. There’s a large network of hiking and cycling trails throughout the area, and there’s also a lot happening on the River Krka and in the many spas.


    Podčetrtek and Rogaška Slatina in southeastern Slovenia border on neighbouring Croatia and are a great choice if you’d like to complement your outdoor activities by enjoying spa treatments. Rogaška Slatina is also the source of the unique Donat Mg water with the highest magnesium content in the world.


    In Posavje you will discover many hiking and cycling trails, full of beauty and history. You are invited to join themed cycling trips or Hiking Festivals, which are a unique way to discover the diversity, beauty and cuisine of our country. In Posavje, there are rental bikes and e-bikes available, with which you can easily overcome the steep vineyard hills and than stop in one of the wine cellars along the way. You will be able to refresh yourself in the Krka River, where you can also have soup and boating, and in two thermal parks.


    In the area surrounding Ptuj, you’ll be tempted to visit gentle wine-growing hills. Explore them with all of your senses. Ptuj is known around the world for Kurenti, traditional colourful masks that chase away winter. They are inscribed on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


    You’ll also be able to find rich history and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities in Celje, a former town of princes. Laško, a town not far from Celje, is known for therapeutic waters and brewing. Last, but not least, there’s also Dobrna, our oldest health resort. The spa there began operating as far back as 1403.

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path. Find the best trails and outdoor activities in your selected location. The map will show you recommended trails with their elevation, estimated time, and instructions. Download GPRX data to your phone and begin your adventure.


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    Celje is the town of the Counts of Celje because of one of the most powerful European noble families. Due to its location and green environment, it’s a fantastic starting point for an active getaway. Head to the nearby Celjska Koča cabin, where there’s a ski slope, summer tobogganing, an adrenaline park, and a bike park.


    Dobrna is not just the location of the oldest Slovenian spa, but it’s so much more – it’s a place where you can relax while hiking, cycling, visiting some of the natural landmarks, or simply taking a walk on an educational forest trail.


    The dreamy River Krka also provides numerous activities for actively experiencing Dolenjska. A river adventure with a stand-up paddleboard, boat, raft, or canoe allows you to enjoy a view of the picturesque landscape along the river. Hop on a bicycle and experience the unique feeling of freedom on a cycling adventure through the hills of Dolenjska.


    Hikers, runners, and lovers of Nordic walking and regular walking will certainly find the right trails and paths for themselves. There are hiking, themed, and educational paths with various levels of difficulty. Group hikes are popular. You can also tour the area from the saddle, as horse riding tours are available, too.


    Podčetrtek offers many cycling trails, which are appropriate for advanced cyclists and families. Depart from the Terme Olimia Spa, where you can hire your cycling equipment, and go on a circular cycling trail through a landscape that is rich in natural and cultural heritage.


    Get your bike pedals going or go hiking, as more than 600 km of marked cycling and hiking trails await you in Pomurje. Embark on an adventure from the sun-kissed, grapevine-covered hills of Jeruzalem to the zidanica vineyard cottages of the Lendavske Gorice Hills.


    Learn about the picturesque Ptuj countryside and explore the brinks of Slovenia's most extensive rolling hill landscape, the Slovenske Gorice Hills. Hiking and cycling trails that take you through an idyllic landscape of rolling hills with vineyards and orchards are just a stone’s throw away from the town centre.

    Rogaška Slatina

    For anyone who cannot get by without a bicycle when on holiday, Rogaška Slatina is an excellent choice. The surrounding area of the spa town has a network of cycling and hiking trails where you can see many natural and cultural landmarks.


    Velenje Beach is the best! In addition to water activities – from swimming, sailing, stand-up paddle boarding, and surfing, you can also engage in activities on the shore, where there are football fields, beach volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, and miniature golf courses.


    Žalec isn’t only known for growing hops and a beer fountain that never runs dry. There are plenty of opportunities in Žalec to actively spend your free time: hiking, climbing, cycling, horse riding, and water experiences. You can visit the Eco-Museum of Hop Growing and the Brewing Industry, the Roman Necropolis, or head to the underground world of the Pekel Cave.