Adrenaline-filled descent down the river rapids

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    Are you looking for adrenaline and fun? Sit in an inflatable raft and let the current take you down Slovenia’s most beautiful rivers. The river rapids will prepare an unforgettable experience for you.

    Rafting na reki Soči, Dolina Soče

    Rafting in the Soča Valley

    Rafting in the Soča Valley

    The River Soča with its unique colour is certainly one of Slovenia’s most beautiful rivers. It has gouged out its course at the foot of wonderful mountains and shaped a valley which in 2021 was voted one of Europe’s top ten destinations. It’s fairy-tale beauty also convinced Hollywood filmmakers to use the valley as the set for their blockbuster Chronicles of Narnia film: Prince Caspian. You too can experience an unforgettable adventure on the River Soča. Your raft will be your horse and the oar your sword with which to conquer the wild river current.


    Provided the water level is sufficient and you are accompanied by a guide, rafting on the River Soča is suitable for all generations and is one of five top experiences in Slovenia. The 10 km long descent down the river between Log Čezsoški and Trnovo ob Soči lasts between 2 and 3 hours.

    Rafting na Savi Bohinjki

    Rafting on the Rivers Sava Bohinjka

    Rafting on the Rivers Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka

    Two other crystal clear rivers have their source in the Alpine region of Slovenia. The Sava Bohinjka flows from Lake Bohinj while the Sava Dolinka wells up from the ground in the Zelenci Nature Reserve near Kranjska Gora. They come together between Bled and Radovljica to form the River Sava, Slovenia’s longest river.


    Rafting on the Sava Bohinjka is possible in the upper and lower reaches of the river. The upper part begins on the calm surface of Lake Bohinj and is followed by a six kilometre stretch down the river to Bohinjska Bistrica. The lower part, also 6 km in length, begins between Bled and Bohinj and ends near Bohinjska Bela. The most appropriate time of year to go down the Sava Bohinjka with ordinary inflatable rafts (6 – 8 persons) is spring and autumn, while special rafts (2 – 3 persons) can be used also when the water level is low in summer.


    If you choose to go rafting on the Sava Dolinka, the rapids will carry you down to the confluence with the Sava Bohinjka and you will either end your trip at the Fuxova Brv bridge near Radovljica or continue down the more peaceful current of the River Sava. If at the end you still need more adrenaline, you can also go on the zip-line.


    There are several agencies in Radovljica, Bohinj and Bled that can organise your rafting trip on both rivers.

    Rafting na reki Savinji

    Rafting on the River Savinja

    Rafting on the River Savinja

    Accompanied by trained guides you can also go down the rapids of the River Savinja whose source is the Rinka waterfall in the Logarska Dolina valley. Rafting on the River Savinja is an excellent way to add some fun to your holidays in this part of Alpine Slovenia.

    Rafting na Savi Bohinjki

    Rafting on other rivers

    You can also take an inflatable raft down the calmer rivers Kolpa, Mura and Krka, and still get a good dose of adrenaline.

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