Kampiranje v Sloveniji, Kamp podzemlje ob Kolpi

Camping, my connection
with nature.

Experience the most natural way of spending summer holidays.

    Camping in Slovenia. The most natural way of spending holidays

    Spend your holidays connected with nature. Along bustling rivers, placid lakes, in verdant forests or at the foot of majestic mountains. Find peace and relaxation in the great outdoors in one of Slovenia’s many camping and glamping sites. When day turns into night, let the shine of the stars, the rustle of the forests and the ripple of the rivers accompany you to sleep.

    Connect with nature in the most authentic way. Spend your free summer days in unspoiled nature. Enjoy a night outdoors, under a tent canvas, in a hammock or in a wooden lodge.


    There are more than a hundred campsites in Slovenia. Most of them operate all year round. In addition, there is a number of seasonal campsites. Campsites in Slovenia are generally small, clean and well-organised. The largest among them can accommodate up to a thousand guests at a time. Most campsites offer a wide range of outdoor activities in addition to pitches for tents, caravans and motorhomes. You certainly won’t get bored spending your holidays at a campsite.


    Slovenia is a very diverse country of many different landscapes. Campsites can be found everywhere, by the lakes, rivers, mountains, and the seaside. Just as the landscape is varied, so too are the countless possibilities for outdoor activities. The beauty of camping is that you can be in the Karst one day, in Bohinj the next day, and in Bela Krajina, the Kočevje region, or at the seaside the day after that. You can first camp next to a lake, then next to a river, and soon after you are swimming in the Adriatic Sea. You are welcome everywhere.

    V Camping is very popular in Slovenia – thus the great number of campsites. Campsites take care to ensure cleanliness and safety, and provide all the necessary facilities for a relaxed holiday.

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    Specialised campsites


    Campsites are a perfect starting point for nature trips, cycling adventures and other outdoor activities. Most campsites in Slovenia aim to provide everything you need for an active holiday. Campsites labelled “Cycling Campsites” provide all the services that cyclists and hikers might need. Some specialised campsites also offer tailored services for hikers, kayakers, paragliders and climbers. You can find specialised campsites in all corners of Slovenia. If you go cycling around the country, you will likely stay at one of the specialised cycling campsites.


    If you enjoy spending time next to a lake or a river, visit one of the campsites by the water. You’ll find Camping Bled right next to Lake Bled, while the popular family Camping Danica lies close to Lake Bohinj. In the south of the country, next to a small lake in Kočevje, you’ll find the small and well-appointed Camping Jezero.


    If you are a fan of rough rivers and mountain hiking, head to the Soča Valley, where Camping Koren is located. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful camps in the Soča Valley. In addition to camping pitches, there are also wooden glamping cabins and apartments to rent.

    Jezero V Kampu Menina, Savinjska dolina

    Kamp Menina
    Savinjska dolina

    The Savinja River is also very popular and there are quite a few campsites dotted along its banks. If you prefer smaller sports campsites, Camping Šmica fits the bill.


    Camping Menina occupies a fine location away from traffic and the urban bustle, in a grove right next to the Savinja river. It is considered one of the best-maintained campsites in Slovenia. The camp is suitable for families and everyone who likes active holidays in nature. The campsite boasts a small artificial lake for swimming and stand-up paddle boarding. You can also go kayaking, canoeing or rafting on the rough and chilly Savinja River. As the river is rich in various species of fish, fly-fishing lovers will find a great deal to enjoy here. There is also an adrenaline park at the campsite which will take you high among the treetops.


    If you desire calmer and warmer waters, head south to rivers Kolpa and Krka. The River Kolpa is Slovenia’s warmest river – its temperature reaches up to 25 degrees Celsius in the hot summer months. Along the River Kolpa lies Camping Bela Krajina, which combines the famous Bela Krajina hospitality and a wide variety of experiences.

    Top 10

    Specialised campsites in Slovenia

    Kamp Koren, Kobarid
    Kamp Menina
    kamp Saksida Dornberk
    Kamp Ajdovščina iz zraka
    Kamp Lijak iz zraka
    Kamp Šmica, Savinjska dolina
    Kamp Podzemlje Bela Krajina
    Camping Bled Slovenia
    Kamp Danica, Bohinjska Bistrica
    Kamp Jezero, Kočevje

    Kamp Koren Kobarid

    First Slovenian ecological campsite is situated by the Soča river only 500m from Kobarid. You can camp in your own way or you can choose between 6 eco chalets and 5 glamping huts. Campsite offers a sauna, salt room, multi-purpose hall, gym, electric car.

    Camping Menina

    Camp Menina is located 800m from the main road Mozirje – Ljubno in a village Rečica ob Savinji. Camp is situated on the left bank of the river Savinja and is due to its location interesting also to the skiers – it is only 4km from the ski resort Golte.

    Camping Saksida Dornberk

    Campsite Saksida is located in the village of Zalosce in the middle of the Vipava valley and operates within the tourist farm. The camp is 15 km away from Nova Gorica and 13 km from Ajdovscina.

    Camping Ajdovščina

    Camp Ajdovscina (previous camp Police) is arranged on peaceful location about 10 minutes walk from the city center of Ajdovscina (highway exit H4). 55 pitches for caravans, campers and tents are available on soft meadow - tow thirds are located in thick shade of pine trees, the rest are sunny. There is electricity connection, we advice longer extension.

    Camping Lijak

    The camp Lijak lies on the regional road Nova Gorica - Ajdovščina in the village of Ozeljan, under the edge of the Trnovo-Banjska plateau. The area of ​​the campsite extends to the Mladovan homestead, where guests can cam on arrange camping pitches, rent a mobile home or interesting wooden room.

    Camping Šmica

    Auto camp Smica is located along the main road Luce – Solcava, about 1km northern of Luce. Camp is 14km away from well-known Logarska valley. Camp is great starting point for hikers, lovers of cycling (renting of the bikes in the camp), paragliding, back horse ridding and water sports lovers. They can rent kayak or raft, decide for swimming or fishing in Savinja.

    Camping Bela Krajina

    Camping Bela krajina - Podzemelj is located along the road Metlika – Črnomelj, right after the village Gradac. It is located on the bank of one of the warmest and cleanest rivers in Slovenia, Kolpa, in beautiful, untouched natural environment. Campsite offers camping on arranged pitches and glamping celtic huts.

    Camping Bled

    Camping Bled has been opened ever since 1950 and is located on western coast of the Bled Lake, around 150m from the beach, in peaceful environment at the foothills of the Alps. Its main advantages are ideal position and closeness to the centre of Bled. It is peaceful campsite, popular among people that are fond of beautiful nature, hiking and cycling.

    Camping Danica, Bohinjska Bistrica

    n town Bohinjska Bistrica, in pleasant woods along the Bohinjka river you will find camp Danica. It offers around 200 camping pitches on a grassy grounds in shade of old trees.

    Camping Jezero Kočevje

    New campsite Jezero Kocevsko is arranged as part of a tourist complex in Kocevje. It offers glamping wooden challets and arranged camper stop.

    One excellent “alternative destination” is the Vipava Valley with its great views and proximity to Goriška Brda. If you head to this part of Slovenia, make sure to stop at one of the Karst campsites. At Camping Ajdovščina, you can pitch your tent close to the centre and enjoy the silence of nature at the same time. Camping Lijak is popular with paragliders and their families. Lastly, there is Camping Saksida, located in the very heart of the Vipava Valley, that is, the village of Zalošče. The campsite is part of an agrotourism farm and lies amid the vineyards.


    Camping is one of the best ways to spend time in nature. It is an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

    In Slovenia, it is prohibited to camp in places not designated for camping or on private land without the consent of the owner.

    How to prepare for a tent camping trip?


    If you are going to camp and spend summer nights outdoors, you need a suitable tent. Some campsites will lend you the necessary camping equipment. If you decide to buy a tent, take into account that it must be large enough to accommodate your clothes and camping equipment in addition to people. Also pay attention to the shape of the tent, particularly its standing height, and how it is pitched. A tent should be made from high-quality material and ensure good air circulation, which is very important on hot summer days. Before you go camping, practice pitching the tent in your backyard. Doing so, you’ll avoid any difficulties with pitching the tent and putting it down at the campsite.


    Place sleeping bags in the sleeping area of the tent. If you find it difficult to sleep on the hard ground, get inflatable sleeping mats. They are easy to fold and do not take up much space. If that’s not enough, get a thicker air mattress. In case of bad weather, cover the tent with a water-proof tarp to protect yourself from heavy rainfall.


    You will also need a table and chairs to sit and eat in comfort. Folding tables and chairs are best suited for this purpose. If you are going to cook on your own, you will also need to get a cooker. You can choose between traditional gas camping stoves and electric camping stoves. In recent years, electric stoves have become increasingly common, as most campsites include electricity in the price of the stay. Remember to bring dishes and everything else you need for cooking.


    And don’t forget to protect yourself against ticks and mosquitoes as you will spend a lot of time outdoors.

    What do specialised cycling campsites have to offer?


    The “Cycling Campsite” label is awarded to campsites that cater especially to cyclists. At these campsites, cycling must be one of the primary activities on offer to the guests. Campsites carrying this label provide the following to guests:

    • relevant information and advice on cycling options in their area;
    • an information desk with information on bicycle repairs and maintenance, cyclist-friendly restaurants, public transport, etc.;
    • packages tailored to cyclists;
    • information on accommodation for cyclists;
    • guided cycling tours;
    • qualified cycling guides with a valid international certificate;
    • adequate space for safe storage of bicycles;
    • bicycle repairs and maintenance;
    • rental of bicycles and bicycle equipment;
    • a laundry room for washing and drying sportswear;
    • transfer of guests and bicycle equipment;


    Look for this label to find specialised cycling campsites!

    Kolesarski kamp, znak specializacije

    A sign of specialization

    Positive effects of camping


    Camping is a great way to spend time in nature. Camping has many positive effects. Would you like to know which ones?

    1. Camping is the most authentic way to live in harmony with nature. Nature is our primal environment, where fresh air, soil and clean water surround us. We are one with plants and animals.
    2. In nature, we remain active all the time and thus improve our physical well-being. Camping is an excellent starting point for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, swimming, boating, canoeing or stand-up paddle boarding.
    3. There are fewer sources of stress in nature, and after a few days we feel relieved of everyday pressures.
    4. If you have trouble sleeping, camping and spending time in nature will help you establish a natural biorhythm. You will fall asleep when night falls and wake up with the first rays of sunlight.
    5. Camping lets you forget about your phone and computer for a while and immerse yourself in nature. In a few days, your body will recover from the negative effects of digital devices.


    Author: Uroš Ledinek