Unspoilt nature, peace, and clean waters full of life


    If you’re among those who immediately think of a fishing rod when you hear the world holiday, we’d like to offer you numerous diverse locations.

    Slovenia is rich in clean water sources, lakes, and rivers which are just bursting with life. Enjoy fishing at the seaside, too!


    Sports fishing enthusiasts will enjoy catching the Soča trout and marble trout, grayling, rainbow trout, Danube salmon, and carp.

    Ribolov na reki Soči

    Emerald Soča, a paradise for fishermen

    Rivers and lakes for fishing

    Among rivers, the River Soča reigns with its protected Soča trout, the best lakes are Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled, and wild fishing for enthusiasts can be enjoyed on the following rivers: Kamniška Bistrica, Meža, Tržiška Bistrica, Dreta, Savinja, Lipnica, Sava Dolinjka and Sava Bohinjka, Idrijca, Drava, and Mura.

    Ribolov v Piranu

    Fishing on the Slovenian coast

    Where, how, and what to catch at the seaside?

    In the summer, you can go fishing from a boat to catch garfish, gilt-head sea bream, or the common pandora, and if you go to the open sea you can even try to catch the Atlantic mackerel and the common dolphinfish. During the colder part of the year, those who enjoy spin fishing will be happy, as squid, cuttlefish, and whiting can be caught from the coast, and the European bass (branzino) in river mouths and canals.


    Types of sports fishing

    In Slovenia, fishermen can enjoy all types of fresh-water sports fishing: fly fishing, spin fishing, float fishing, ground fishing, and underwater fishing.


    In addition to fly fishing, fishing following the catch and release principle is becoming increasingly popular.


    Sea fishing can also be very interesting. With countless options and good tricks, you’ll certainly be surprised with the colourfulness of the sea life in Slovenia.


    In Slovenia, anyone with a valid fishing licence can go fishing in fishing zones. You’ll also need a licence for recreational fishing from a boat at sea. However, for recreational fishing from the shore, a permit is NOT required.


    Good luck and enjoy fishing!


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