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    You’re invited to put your courage and resolve to the test. Do you dare? In Slovenia, you can find various adrenaline and adventure parks that you’ll remember for a long time to come. What they all have in common is that they’re surrounded by stunning nature.

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    Adrenaline and adventure parks, zipline, bungee jumping, paintball, and other adrenaline-fuelled shenanigans in beautiful nature.

    From a bird’s perspective

    Ziplining, i.e. riding on steel wires from one hill to another, has become all the rage among adrenaline junkies and families alike. The explosion of adrenaline as you slide down a steel wire will be unforgettable, not to mention the stunning views you’ll enjoy.


    A truly spectacular zipline park can be found above the town of Bovec. The length of the adrenaline-fuelled ride 200 m above the ground is no less than 2.4 km and is considered to be one of the longest in Europe. As you’re sliding down, you’ll reach a speed of 60 km/h, and you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views of the Soča Valley and the peaks of the Julian Alps.


    Even more adrenaline-fuelled attractions are hidden in the gorges of the Soča Valley. Ziplining in the Učja Gorge offers ten ziplines with a total length of 4.5 km, down which you’ll slide suspended 200 m above ground. If you’re not excited yet, how about this: you can go ziplining between two massive mountains – Mt Kanin and Mt Romb. The 3.2-kilometre ride down five ziplines will not disappoint – particularly due to the magnificent views of the Soča Valley.


    If you want even more adrenaline, you can go bungee jumping in Solkan in the Soča Valley. You’ll jump from the Solkan Bridge.

    A ride down a steel wire – ziplining


    Fly away

    On the other side of the Julian Alps, at the Planica Nordic Centre, the steepest zipline in the world runs down a giant ski jumping hill. If you’d like to experience how ski jumpers feel as they take off from this magnificent ski jump, this zipline is ideal for you. During the 566-metre zipline ride, you’ll reach speeds of up to 85 km/h in just a few seconds.

    Planica Nordic Centre


    You can also enjoy ziplining near Lake Bled. On the Dolinka Zipline, you cross the River Sava Dolinka five times on five different ziplines with a total length of 2.4 km, while enjoying idyllic views.


    In the Bohinj Valley, near Bohinjska Bistrica, you’ll slide down five ziplines sheltered by lush forests. To top it all off, you’ll do a 10-metre free fall to conclude your experience.

    A ride down a steel wire – ziplining


    Fun, adrenaline, and relaxation

    Test your motor skills, balance, and your fear of heights. Adrenaline parks offer all of this in a safe and relaxing way. Weak knees and a high heart rate will get your blood flowing and re-energise you.


    At the Bohinj Adrenaline Park by Lake Bohinj, you can enjoy a Giant Swing or test your other abilities. You can enjoy some fun and adrenaline-fuelled experiences in Bled, at the Adventure Park on Straža Hill.


    The Soča Fun Park in Solkan is particularly exciting for families. It combines rafting with a short ziplining experience. On the other side of Slovenia, in Prekmurje, at the Adventure Park Bukovniško Jezero, you can climb on a 27-metre climbing route. Children will also get excited about the nearby Vulkanija Adventure Park, which shows how Earth was created and interesting geological features.

    Adrenaline park


    Head to an adrenaline park

    Both children and adults will enjoy the Menina Adrenaline Park, which can be found in unspoilt nature, right on the River Savinja. In addition to a climbing course with two levels of difficulty, there’s also a 300-metre zipline. The well-organised Menina Camp, where the adrenaline park is located, also provides many other activities and is an excellent choice for families and adrenaline junkies.


    Families love visiting the GEOSS Adventure Park located in the geographical centre of Slovenia. Climbing high up in treetops is an unforgettable adventure.


    At the Celjska Koča Adventure Park, the Monkey Tree will get your pulse going. Not far from Otočec Castle, you can enjoy adrenaline-fuelled experiences in treetops at the Otočec Adventure Park.


    If you still have some time left after a tour of Postojna Cave, make sure to visit the Postojna Adventure Park. In the vicinity of Maribor, you can visit the Betnava Adventure Park in the Pohorje Hills and the Vurberk Adventure Park.

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