Sports in the sea and
its blue waves


    Water activities

    Water activities in the sea

    Welcome to the Slovenian coast! A pleasant sub-Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters invites you to enjoy recreation all year long. Sports equipment is mandatory!

    Have a swim!


    There are no fewer than 21 swimming areas registered at the Slovenian coast, which is 43 kilometres long. In the warmer months of the year, the temperature of the blue Adriatic Sea goes up to 24 degrees Celsius, and in longer hot periods it goes even higher. So, dive in!


    If you like being right where things happen, the central beach in Portorož is the choice for you. In Izola, you can go swimming in a well-maintained swimming area by the lighthouse or in nearby Simon’s Bay. Just a stone’s throw away from Piran is Fiesa Bay. In Koper, the City Beach is very popular, and you can have some crazy water fun at the Žusterna Water Park.


    You can find peace and authentic contact with nature in Moon Bay in the Strunjan Landscape Park. The smell of pine trees and the sea will also give you a sense of peace if you visit Cape Debeli Rtič near Ankaran.


    In cooler months, when the water is colder, visit indoor pools and enjoy exciting spa treatments at hotels.

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    There’s always something happening on the Slovenian coast

    Feel the wind in your hair!

    Sailing has had a rich tradition in Slovenia. Well-developed infrastructure allows regattas to be held, sailing trips to be taken, and sail boats to be hired.
    Sailing as a sport is also popular and well-developed. The training conditions are excellent, and Slovenian sailors achieve world-class results, even in the greatest races in the world.

    Portorož Sailing Regatta

    Flex your muscles!

    Do you like stand-up paddle boarding? Explore the coast on a stand-up paddle board and enjoy the view of the Slovenian coast. Grab some oars! And go from Piran to Strunjan, for example. Explore the areas surrounding Koper and Ankaran. Or get closer to unspoilt nature, perhaps at Moon Bay. A canoe or a kayak are the right choice. You can hire sports equipment in various centres along the coast. Do you surf? Or like to go kiteboarding? We recommend Cape Ronek in Izola.

    Fishing on the Slovenian coast!

    Under the sea

    Are you a scuba diver or would you like to take a scuba diving course? Stop by at one of the scuba diving centres where you can hire equipment, take a course, or get the information you need.


    The Slovenian sea is considered shallow, with an average depth of 17 metres, which is an excellent starting point for exploring the seabed.


    The deepest point in the Slovenian sea is just 300 metres from shore and the depth is 38 metres. We call it Underwater Triglav, it’s marked with a 2500 kg pyramid and is a popular destination for scuba divers with the knowledge and courage for such dives.


    For those who prefer casting a bait, you can enjoy fishing in the sea. To enjoy recreational fishing from a boat, you’ll need a permit. However, for recreational fishing from the shore, a permit is not required. If you don’t enjoy fishing, but love seafood, go on a culinary trip on a fishing boat or visit one of the many restaurants on the coast.

    Cycling on the Slovenian coast