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13 water activities that will brighten up your holidays

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    Water activities that brighten up your holidays

    A hot summer awaits you and what could be better than spending your days by a river or lake or at the seaside? Outdoor activities are a great way to burn off excess energy. Water-based experiences offer a different kind of fun and entertainment on your days off.

    If you’re planning a holiday, we suggest you consider water sports activities. Looking for the right idea? Being in the water is a lot of fun and relaxing. Here are some ideas regarding the sports activities you can enjoy in water in Slovenia.


    Whitewater kayaking and canoeing

    Do you like to descend down a river and admire the river banks? On a kayak, you can paddle everywhere while enjoying it immensely. Get active and commune with nature. Kayaking is a very popular river activity. If you prefer adrenaline-filled water fun, try kayaking on wild alpine rivers.

    Kayaking is a great water activity. It’s suitable for everyone, regardless of your fitness and arm strength. You don’t need to be in top shape to paddle. If you’re a beginner, consider kayaking on calmer waters. There are quite a few lakes in Slovenia where you can rent a kayak and enjoy the water.

    Even extreme kayakers will marvel at the rapids of wild alpine rivers. We have quite a few of them in Slovenia! The Soča, Savinja, Sava Bohinjka, Sava Dolinka, Kolpa, Krka, and Idrijca Rivers, as well as some others, are all suitable for whitewater kayaking.

    Vodne aktivnosti na reki Savinji, vožnja s kajakom

    By kayak on the river rapids
    Photo: Uroš Ledinek

    Did you know that kayaks were first built by the Inuits? They used them to fish and hunt. Today, the kayak is a popular watercraft for sports, recreation and entertainment.

    Calm-water kayaking and canoeing

    Sea and lake kayaking or canoeing is another unforgettable experience. Do you like to paddle? Kayaking and canoeing on calm waters is also a very popular water activity. It is suitable for those who enjoy physical activity on the water. In a kayak, you can calmly glide across the sea, a lake, or down a gently flowing river.

    Lake Bohinj is definitely one of the most popular lakes. If you want a little more fun, you can descend from the lake down the rapids of the Sava Bohinjka River. Kayaking and canoeing enables you to explore Slovenian lakes. You can choose from among a number of lakes, including Lake Velenje, Lake Ptuj, Lake Bled, Lake Kočevje, Lake Cerknica, Lake Soboča, and others.

    Alternatively, set out onto the calm waters of the Mura, Drava, Krka, or Kolpa Rivers, the lower course of the Sava River, as well as the Ljubljanica River.

    Whitewater rafting

    Whitewater adrenaline sports are increasingly popular, attracting a growing number of fans. Are you one of them? Then whitewater rafting, i.e. descending river rapids in an inflatable boat, is the right choice for you. Looking for something exciting? Prepare to conquer river rapids. A very exciting and extremely fun water activity.

    Whitewater rafting on the Soča, Sava Bohinjka, Savinja and Kolpa Rivers is a great adrenaline experience, one that will surely thrill you. Slovenia’s beautiful and clean rivers and its magnificent nature will leave you speechless. Whitewater rafting is a great experience for young travellers, active families and energetic seniors. Although you’ll have to paddle, fun is guaranteed. You’ll ride down river rapids, and pass by pools and waterfalls along the way. You’ll use paddles to steer the raft between rocks and over rapids and waves. There are quite a few challenges and thrills awaiting you. There are many hidden spots along the banks of Slovenian rivers where you can stop for a while and enjoy a dip in the cool water. You’ll be accompanied by experienced local guides, who will make sure the descent is fun and above all safe.

    Vodne aktivnosti na reki Soči - Rafting Water activities in the river Soča - rafting

    Rafting in Soča river
    Photo: Uroš Ledinek

    Stand up paddle boarding on calm waters

    Stand up paddle boarding, or SUP boarding, is definitely one of the most popular water sports. You stand on a board, balance carefully, and paddle. The name itself implies how this water activity works. SUP boarding is suitable for all bodies of water. On a SUP board, you can paddle on the sea, lakes and slow rivers. SUP boarding can be done on both calm and slightly more active waters.

    SUP boarding on calm waters is akin to leisurely rowing on the sea or in a lake. It’s a great way to add variety to your holiday and a popular holiday sport. SUP boarding can be done from early spring until late autumn.

    In Slovenia, SUP boarding on lakes is the most popular. We have many lakes, so fans of SUP boarding come out in droves on warm days. And don’t forget the Slovenian coast! Ride a SUP board all the way to Moon Bay and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

    Vodne aktivnosti na jezeru - SUP

    With SUP on a trip
    Photo: Uroš Ledinek

    Whitewater SUP board touring

    The more daring will enjoy touring rivers on a SUP board. Ride the rapids of the Soča, Sava Bohinjka, Sava Dolinka, Savinja, Kolpa, Krka and Idrijca Rivers. While some rivers are calm, others can be quite rough. It’s up to you to decide how exciting your adventure should be. How daring are you?

    If you’re a SUP boarding pro, then you’re ready to take on whitewater waves. However, if this is your first time on a SUP board, then it’s better to ride down a calm river and simply enjoy the view.

    If you’re planning a SUP river tour, learn how difficult the river is before jumping in. A six-level whitewater scale is used to determine river difficulty:

    • Grade 1: standing or still water
    • Grade 2: easy whitewater
    • Grade 3: moderately difficult whitewater
    • Grade 4: difficult whitewater
    • Grade 5: very difficult whitewater
    • Grade 6: extremely difficult whitewater

    When you embark on a SUP river tour, find out in advance where the entry and exit points are. Check the river water level and flow. Rapids are formed where water flows over rocks and boulders at high velocity. Protective equipment is mandatory for SUP boarding on whitewater rivers. You’ll need a helmet, water boots and a life jacket. Protection is necessary since you’ll be carried by fast currents. You’ll paddle between rocks and in strong currents, which increases the likelihood of falling. We recommend that you hire an experienced local guide.

    Before setting out on a river, learn about its level of difficulty. You should not underestimate rivers, nor overestimate your abilities. Descending a river can be dangerous, so ensure your safety.

    River tubing

    Descending whitewater rivers in an inflatable tube is another crazy and unforgettable water experience. River tubing is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the power of whitewater. Grab a river tube and a paddle and embark on an adventure. If you prefer gentler water activities, make yourself comfortable in the tube and let the river carry you on a panoramic ride. You can even link several tubes together and go on a group trip down a river.

    River tubing allows you to view the sights along calm rivers and discover the beauty of their banks.


    Snorkelling and freediving

    Do you like to explore the secrets of the underwater world? Diving in the sea is not the only kind if diving that’s popular. Increasing numbers of divers are venturing into the depths of lakes and river basins. The dim underwater world of lakes is especially thrilling. Lake diving is an unforgettable experience, allowing you to discover the world of freshwater animals and plants. It’s also suitable for beginners. You can dive with a mask and a snorkel or head out into the depths fitted with scuba diving gear. Experienced diving instructors will guide you into the underwater world in a safe and fun way. Head out to one of Slovenia’s larger lakes and discover the world below the surface. The lakes are teeming with wildlife. On your dive, you’ll encounter various species of freshwater fish. Some lakes hide underwater caves and cliffs that will enchant you.

    Some of the most interesting lake diving sites are at Lake Bohinj, Lake Bled, Lake Kočevje, Wild Lake, and others.


    Windsurfing is a water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. You need a board and a sail for this activity. The sail catches the wind and propels you forward. The force of the wind allows you to sail across the surface of the sea or lake.

    Have you already tried windsurfing? All you need is some wind, a pinch of courage, balance and arm strength. Arm strength is required to steer the sail toward the wind. When getting started, it’s best to find an experienced instructor who will introduce you to this fascinating and popular water sport.

    Of course, there is no sailing without wind, so pick a windy day for this activity. On windless days, choose another water activity. For example, cycling on water or riding a pedal boat.



    If you are heading to the seaside in search of new ways to spend your holidays, then it’s time to get excited about sailing. Many people enjoy sailing. Gliding across water with the wind in your sails is a great way to spend hot summer and autumn days. Bring a basket of your favourite refreshments and enjoy the waves. On a sailing boat, you can explore remote bays, coastal towns or gorgeous beaches. You can go on a day trip, or spend your whole holiday on the boat. Are you excited? Then pack everything you’ll need and embark on a new adventure.

    Some larger Slovenian lakes invite you to spread your sails and slide across their smooth surface. Most Slovenian lakes are suitable for smaller sailing boats. You can go sailing on Lake Velenje, Lake Bohinj and Lake Kočevje.


    Cycling on water

    You read that right. Cycling on water is definitely something that will impress you. Embark on new adventures on a special water tricycle. The water tricycle is great for fun and recreation. It’s popular among athletes who want to keep fit in a slightly different, innovative and fun way. Make this summer memorable. Enjoy an easy ride on the water!


    Pedal boat

    Riding a pedal-powered boat is a popular form of water recreation and fun. Pedal boats are suitable for calm waters. You’ll often find them at the seaside, on lakes and calm rivers. You will need some strength in your legs to operate such a boat. A pedal boat is controlled with a steering wheel.

    With a pedal boat, you can go on a trip across a lake and explore its shores. Some pedal boats even feature a slide. Pilot the boat to deeper water and go down the slide. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?


    What’s the best way to relax by the water? Definitely fishing. Grab a fishing rod, some bait and start angling. Fishing is a fairly simple activity by or on the water. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the sea, lakes or rivers. If you have at least a bit of patience and a feel for fishing, success is guaranteed. Fishing is mostly a very relaxing water-based activity. You cast the bait in the water, relax and wait. While waiting for a fish to bite, you can admire the surrounding nature and landscape.

    If you prefer a more active form of fishing, then you’ll definitely opt for fly fishing. In fly fishing, you use a special lure attached to the hook that mimics the look of various insects, which are preferred by fish in rivers and streams. In Slovenia, you can fish in the Adriatic Sea, on many lakes and in rivers. Practically all lakes and rivers in Slovenia are suitable for fishing.

    You can head out to Bohinj and fish on Lake Bohinj or on the Sava Bohinjka River. Or try your luck on Lake Šmartno, Lake Cerknica, Lake Velenje or Lake Kočevje. Many rivers are rich in various species of fish. You’ll be impressed by the Soča, Savinja, Sava, Drava and Mura Rivers, as well as the Krka, Kolpa and Vipava Rivers. There are also many smaller rivers to choose from. Fishing lakes and rivers are everywhere.

    Vodne aktivnosti na reki Savinji - bellyak, Water activities in the Savinja, bellyak

    With bellyak along the river
    Photo:Uroš Ledinek


    An alternative to the kayak, the bellyak is a kayak-like watercraft. You lie prone on a bellyak and propel yourself with your hands, so a paddle is not needed. It is a new kind of watercraft that lets you explore water in a different and fun way. Bellyaking gives you a unique perspective.

    Are you up for something new and different? Head out into the water on a bellyak and learn to overcome rapids and waves in a different way.

    Make your holidays different this year and try a new experience. The bellyak is a new type of watercraft that combines elements of hydrospeeding and kayaking. In a bellyak, you ride down river rapids in a prone position, head-first. You use your hands instead of paddles.

    Where can you ride a bellyak in Slovenia? At Camp Menina you can ride a bellyak down the Savinja River.


    Author: Uroš Ledinek