Fly up among the clouds

    Experiences in the air

    A view of Slovenia from the air is wonderful.

    Paragliders, hang gliders, skydivers, pilots of gliders and sport aircraft, and anyone who has ever experienced a hot air balloon flight can confirm that the view of Slovenia from the sky is incredible.

    Paragliding and hang gliding

    In Slovenia, you’ll find more than 200 interesting take-off (or launch) sites and landing sites for paragliders and hang gliders. Take off from one of Slovenia’s peaks and enjoy the view below. You can do this alone or in tandem with an experienced instructor. If you’re flying alone, you’ll need a licence to do so. This can be obtained in Slovenia from licensed providers.

    A paraglider above the slopes of Mt Krn

    The Soča Valley, the Bohinj Valley, and the Vipava Valley are among the most attractive destinations offering the most fun in the air. The latter is also interesting due to a long season – there are no fewer than 300 days a year suitable for flying.


    There are many popular take-off sites. Go to Mt Stol, Vogar Hill above Lake Bohinj, Kobala Hill near Tolmin, Kovk Hill above Ajdovščina, or Kriška Gora Hill. You can also find interesting take-off sites in some of Slovenia’s ski centres, such as Krvavec, Vogel, Cerkno, Soriška Planina, Golte, and in the Pohorje Hills.

    A sport aircraft

    Airplane flights and skydiving

    Skydiving (parachuting), alone or in tandem, can be enjoyed in our aviation centres or sport airports in Maribor, Bovec, Lesce, Portorož, Murska Sobota, and Slovenj Gradec.


    If you’re not into parachuting, but you’d still like to go flying, enjoy a panoramic or acrobatic airplane flight. An explosion of adrenaline guaranteed!

    Into the air with a hot air balloon

    Hot air balloon flying

    Balloons, which adorn the sky, can most frequently be found in the Ljubljana Basin, near Celje, Novo mesto, Cerknica, and in the flat areas of Pomurje.


    If you’re interested in taking a hot air balloon ride, there are multiple licensed operators who perform these rides. Flights are carried out only if the weather conditions are right. They are most frequently performed early in the morning and just before sunset. In winter, they are also performed during the day.

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.