Hop on your bike


    On your bike, you’ll feel Slovenia with all of your senses

    Are you excited about pedalling? You’re not the only one. Slovenians love pushing pedals, too. A bicycle is the ideal choice for seeing our natural beauty, experiencing local atmosphere, and touring special historical and cultural features. Beautifully maintained, diverse cycling trails offer terrain for cycling enthusiasts of all kinds.


    Families with small children love cycling here. Lovers of road cycling can test their abilities on asphalt, while trekking and mountain bikers and lovers of adrenaline who like to get their heart pumping will enjoy forest trails and bike parks.  True fans of cycling will go on long-distance cycling trails.

    Cycling in Slovenia

    A cross-country bicycle ride

    Slovenia is a popular cycling destination attracting road cyclists and mountain bikers due to its extraordinary location and dynamic terrain.

    Where will you go?

    Select a cycling trail or a region close to you. But don’t forget: Slovenia is a small country and everything is close here. If you’re up to it, you can pick a different Slovenian region every day and experience the most beautiful cycling trails there.


    In eastern and southern Slovenia, the relief is mostly flat with gentle hills covered with vineyards and forests. If you head towards the northwest, you’ll notice the terrain begins to rise and transition into Alpine foothills and then into the stunning Alps. Central Slovenia is known for the Ljubljana Basin, which transitions into hills. The Karst & Mediterranean Slovenia are truly something special in all aspects and more than suitable for cycling.

    Bike parks in the Pohorje Hills and Rogla


    The climate is favourable for cyclists, too. In the Karst and Istria, you can go cycling in all seasons, while elsewhere in Slovenia the cycling season begins in April and ends in November.

    Tour of Slovenia

    Fourth stage of the Tour of Slovenia, the Brda Hills

    Slovenia is cycling

    The popularity of cycling in Slovenia is also evident from to the many recreational cycling events that have become true cycling holidays. Marathon Franja, Soča Outdoor, the Istrian Cycling Marathon, Bled Bike Festival, Bike Festival Pohorje, Black Hole Bike Festival, and Red Bull Goni Pony are just some of them.


    In addition to recreational events, professional cyclists ride on Slovenian roads and forest trails, too. The Tour of Slovenia has been gaining importance in the international cycling world from year to year.


    Professional racers also go head to head in the Marathon Franja, while mountain bikers compete in international competitions in the Pohorje Hills.


    See you there?


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