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    Golfers are welcome in Slovenia. And they love visiting. Because everything is so close in Slovenia, they can afford to play golf at a different course every day. These courses are located in idyllic landscape – in the picturesque Alps, central Slovenia, or the flat areas in eastern Slovenia.

    The oldest golf course in Slovenia.


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    Bled golf
    Golf Smlednik
    Golf Lipica


    Bled Golf Course is the oldest and the largest in Slovenia. The King's Course, with eighteen holes, and the Lake Course, with nine holes, offer plenty of opportunities for beginners but also set a challenge for the most advanced players.


    The Diners Golf Ljubljana golf course is located between Pirniče and Smlednik at the foot of Šmarna Gora Hill, just a few kilometres from the centre of Ljubljana. This 18-hole course is distinguished by its 6-kilometre-long dynamic terrain.

    Grad Mokrice

    At the Mokrice Castle golf course, which stretches across 70 hectares and surrounds Mokrice Castle, you can play golf over 18 holes. The fifth hole (PAR 4), which has a length of 285 metres, is even described by many golfers as one of the most difficult in this part of Europe.


    Lipica Golf Course is situated in a typical karst landscape close to the oldest stud farm in Europe. Natural karst features give the course a unique beauty and the Mediterranean climate allows you to play golf all year round. The length of the course is more than 3 km and has nine holes.

    Moravske Toplice

    In Prekmurje, in the far northeast of Slovenia, you can test your golf skills at a course in the immediate vicinity of the Moravske Toplice Spa. The course has 18 holes, a driving range and a putting green.


    The Otočec Golf Course is located in southern Slovenia, in the immediate vicinity of the famous Otočec Castle. Amateurs and professionals alike will be able to enjoy a game of golf on the slightly hilly terrain. The course covers 50 hectares with a total length of 6,200 m, and the longest hole is 568 away.


    Golf can be played in Ptuj, too. Ptuj Golf Course with 18 holes has won the flattering accolade of being named the best designed golf course in Slovenia many times.

    Slovenske Konjice

    The Zlati Grič Golf Course in Slovenske Konjice, between the Pohorje Hills and Konjiška Gora Hill, offers nine holes on a total area of 24 hectares. It’s a par 33 course.

    Golf is famous for being a sport for pleasure-seekers, and there’s a lot on offer for them in Slovenia. You’ll find rich culinary and wellness products and services next to almost every golf course. Just the delicious and high-quality locally produced food and world-class wines are reason enough to visit Slovenia.

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