Enjoy snow and ice!

    Winter sports

    In Slovenia, winter hibernation is left up to the bears

    In the winter, when nature calms down and rests, it’s time for some fun in the snow and on ice.


    Slovenians have had a long and rich tradition in many sports connected to the snow, cold, and ice. Alpine skiing and ski jumping are an important part of our identity. Who has never heard of ski flying in Planica, the Golden Fox race in Maribor, or the World Cup Alpine skiing races in Kranjska Gora? Our mountaineers, who train in the Slovenian mountains, have been among the world’s best for decades. Virtually everyone does some kind of a winter sport recreationally and participates in popular winter hikes.

    Winter, winter white

    Nature has favoured us as well, as its dynamic relief and relatively long winters offer many opportunities for winter joys. In the winter, all of Slovenia, with the exception of the Primorska region, is often covered in snow, most frequently in December, January, and February.


    On average, there’s snow in the mountains for 200 days a year, usually with constant snow cover from December to May. The snow cover can be very deep, as a few metres of snow can fall. Snow cover is less frequent in July and August, although there can be snow in sunless areas even then. Before heading to the mountains, make sure to check the weather forecast and snow conditions!

    In Slovenia, the infrastructure that takes you to our winter destinations is well-developed. Short distances allow easy access, even to the most remote destinations. Because even what is considered far in Slovenia, is actually near.


    See you in the snow!

    There’s truly a lot to do in the winter. Alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, freeriding, or perhaps sledging? Winter hiking, ski touring, snowshoeing in fresh snow, walks with fire torches? How about a ride in a motor sledge or dog sledding?  Climbing on frozen waterfalls and snow-covered gullies. Sliding down steep hills in a snow raft or an air mattress? Are you tempted?

    Mountain centres

    If you’re looking to find as much as possible in one place, visit one of our mountain centres, which, in addition to modern infrastructure, also offer numerous activities, both in the winter as well as in the warmer months of the year. Most of them offer skiing and snowboarding classes, equipment rental, guided hiking tours, ski touring with experienced guides, hospitality services, and accommodation.


    Before you head out into the cold, find suitable information, make sure that you have proper equipment, and follow safety warnings. You’ll only make nice memories if your winter adventures end safely.


    See you in the snow!


    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

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    smučarska vozovnica za vsa slovenska smučišča, Ski pass Slovenia

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