Conquer a rock face using metal climbing pitons and steel wires


    Via ferratas

    Try out your climbing abilities on secured climbing trails. We also call them via ferratas.

    Via ferratas, i.e. secured climbing trails, have experienced a boom in recent years.


    They are popular among hikers who wish to upgrade their mountain experiences and among lovers of adrenaline-fuelled challenges.


    Conventional via ferratas, those located in the mountains, are intended for hikers on their way to the summit. Sports via ferratas, however, mainly attract adrenaline junkies who like climbing. In contrast with the via ferratas located in the hills, the main goal of sports via ferratas is not to reach a mountain summit, but to enjoy climbing.

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    Via ferrata in the mountains

    Which rock face will you climb?

    The most well-known via ferrata is probably the Hanzova via ferrata. But they can also be found in Mojstrana, Gozd Martuljek, Ukanc, the Ljubelj Pass, on Mt Prisojnik, Mt Kanin, in Jezersko, on Lisca Hill, and elsewhere. Via ferratas also lead hikers to the top of Mt Triglav and through a rock window to Mt Prisojnik.

    Visit a via ferrata in Mojstrana

    A safe via ferrata climbing trip

    Before choosing a rock face that you would like to try, obtain all the necessary information and ensure your safety.


    Each via ferrata has a difficulty rating from A to F. This rating depends on length, steepness, and incline. For higher levels of difficulty, you must take a course to learn climbing techniques and how to use the equipment properly. For example, if the difficulty level is C and D, you will encounter lengthier vertical sections on the via ferrata trail, where quite a bit of strength, climbing knowledge, and perfect safety equipment, which you must know how to use, are needed to make a successful climb.


    If you are climbing on a via ferrata trail for the first time, we recommend that you first complete a climbing course or hire a mountain guide.


    If you are going on a via ferrata trail alone, make sure that you have a suitable level of physical fitness and appropriate equipment. Choose a level of difficulty that matches the level of your knowledge, experience, and abilities.


    To ensure safe movement, the following protective gear is required on all via ferrata trails: a helmet, a climbing harness, a self-protection set, climbing footwear with a good grip.


    Have fun climbing and enjoy!