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    Hiking in the hills

    Slovenians love hiking. Especially in the hills. We mostly prefer visiting the highlands, green forests, pastures, dirt roads, and meadows.

    In Slovenia, forests and meadows cover areas up to an elevation of about 1500 metres and gradually turn into rocky mountains as the elevation increases. There are many peaks that are ideal for conquering. You can find them almost everywhere in Slovenia.


    A network of hiking and themed trailsThemed trails will take you across rounded peaks and vast plateaus. The starting points are usually close to towns and cities and easily accessible. Many mountain huts and specialised accommodation for hikers that you encounter along the way offer local food and an authentic hiking atmosphere. You can also spend the night there.

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    Jamnica in Koroška

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    In the northeastern part of the country, the plateau-like Pohorje Hills rise above the city of Maribor. They reach 1543 metres, which is the elevation of Črni Vrh, the tallest peak in the Pohorje Hills. The Pohorje Hills have many small lakes and waterfalls, and deep in the hills a true primeval forest is hidden. The very popular hiking destination and winter centres include Rogla, Kope, and Mariborsko Pohorje.


    The Idrija and Cerkno Hills are quite steep, and their peaks reach up to 1000 metres on average. The elevation of the highest peak, Porezen Hill, is 1630 metres. Other popular hiking hills include Kopa, Kojca, and Črni Vrh. The character of the area is strongly marked by the River Idrijca and by the former mercury mines, which testify to the area’s geological diversity. You’ll be rendered speechless by the Partisan Franja Hospital, which operated in the Pasice Gorge during World War II. A well-maintained path takes visitors to the hospital.


    The Škofja Loka Hills

    The Škofja Loka Hills and the Polhov Gradec Hills are an ideal choice in all seasons. Take a walk across meadows and pastures, through forests with rustling leaves, past friendly mountain villages, and to panoramic peaks. Hike up to the 1562-metre-high Blegoš or the 1021-metre high Tošč!


    If you like to spice up your hiking adventures with excellent food and drink, the hills rising above the Vipava Valley are perfect for you. The plateaus Nanos, Hrušica, and the edge of the Trnovski Gozd plateau rise above the valley in an east to west direction.

    On Hlevniška Planina above Idrija

    If you wish to enjoy relaxed hiking or even a more demanding ascent, make sure to also visit Goriška, Notranjska, and the Snežnik Hills. The tallest peak, Mt Snežnik, 1796 m, is the highest in the immediate and the general surrounding area, and it provides a beautiful view of a large part of Slovenia and all the way to neighbouring Croatia.


    In the gentle hills of Posavje, which reach up to an elevation of 900 metres above sea level, trails will take you past vineyards and orchards. Popular destinations include the hills Bohor, Grmada, and Gorjanci. In the nearby Zasavje region, make sure to hike up to Kum, Mrzlica, Kopitnik, Čemšeniška Planina, Zasavska Sveta Gora, or Kal.

    Black Lake in the Pohorje Hills

    Koroška, a region bordering Austria, has a network of almost 600 km of dedicated and marked mountain trails, many of which are themed. You can hike up Kozjak, Uršlja Gora, or Smrekovec. If you’d like to hike up really high mountains, we recommend Mt Peca, Mt Olševa, or Mt Raduha.


    Are you looking for some peace and a retreat to a real primeval forest? The Kočevsko region in the south of the country is known for the Kočevsko primeval forest and the Kočevsko bear. We recommend the 1034-metre-high Mestni Vrh above Kočevje. Guided bear watching is also a special experience.


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    Forests and hills of the Kočevsko region