Grab a backpack and enjoy a walk in the lowlands


    Hiking in the lowlands

    People have always believed that you learn more about a place if you take a journey across it on foot.

    Slovenia is a small country with a diverse landscape. Within an area of just about 100 kilometres, you can see high mountains, hills, karst plateaus, gentle low hills, and Pannonian plains. If you embark on a hiking adventure in the lowlands, you’ll find interesting walking, themed, educational, and mountain trails everywhere you go. As you walk these trails, you won’t be striving to reach your destination, but simply enjoying every step of the way.

    Always on the right track

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    Walking on themed trails

    The Karst and Istria

    Your seaside holiday can be even more exciting if you go hiking on the many trails along the coast and in the areas inland from the coast.


    The Karst is a very interesting area. There, many international hiking trails converge: Jacob’s Trail, Via Alpina, Alpe Adria Trail. A marked trail will take you along the Karst Rim from the Italian to the Croatian border. At multiple points along the trail, you can make a detour towards the coast, to the higher-lying Slavnik Hill, towards Kokoška Hill, or you can try sports climbing in Osp. On the way, get re-energised by grabbing a bite of ‘pršut’ ham washed down with Teran wine. The 343-metre-high Cer Hill, renowned for the heavy fighting and numerous fatalities that occurred there in World War I and World War II, is also a popular short-trip destination.

    Go hiking in the Karst

    Vipava Valley and the Brda Hills

    The famous Lonely Planet guide ranked Vipava Valley among the top European destinations worth visiting. And not just because of its world-class wines and the fruit grown here. You will surely find the Trail on the Rim and the Hike on Vertovec’s Trails exciting. All those who wish to hike slightly higher should visit the Nanos karst plateau and its tallest peak, the 1313-metre-high Suhi Vrh Hill.


    The rolling Brda Hills in northern Slovenia are nestled halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.  These hills are home to excellent wines and delicious food. The Alpe Adria Long-Distance Trail and the Trans Slovenia 1 long-distance cycling trail pass this area as well. Hikers can enjoy eight walking paths named after the old cherry varieties that are grown here. If you’d like to get some exercise, however, hike up the 609-metre-high Sabotin Hill.


    A walk amongst vineyards

    Bela krajina, Kočevsko, Dolenjska

    In southern Slovenia, hiking trails take you from Bela krajina, the land of woodenware, past age-old forests of the Kočevsko region, to the southern-most areas of Slovenia, which border Croatia along the River Kolpa.


    The Via Bela krajina trail will reveal to you the hospitable and colourful atmosphere in the land of white birch trees along the River Kolpa. The trail is intended for both hikers and cyclists.


    The Kočevsko (primeval) forests have a network of numerous marked hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty.  If you’d like to know more about bears, make sure to go hiking on the educational Bear Trail. A guide can also take you on a special adventure – you can go bear watching in the animals’ natural habitat.


    You can experience unforgettable moments among the gentle wine-growing hills of Dolenjska, too. The landscape is perfect for walks and enjoying vistas. If you’d like to go higher, make sure to hike up the 1178-metre-high Trdinov Vrh Hill.

    Pomurje, Podravje

    The northeastern part of the country is also covered in gentle rolling hills and vast plains where you can go on relaxed walking trips. Visit the Goričko Landscape Park or walk amongst vineyards in Jeruzalem and its surrounding area. You can also make a stop at Lake Bukovnica, known for its medicinal water and energy points.