Long-distance hiking trails


    Long-distance hiking trails

    Over mountains and through valleys, from the sea to the plains. Many long-distance trails go through and across Slovenia, connecting mountain peaks with the sea and the lowlands.

    Here, you can walk for days on end and you still won’t run out of hiking trails. These trails can be found on the tallest mountains, in the hills, and in the plains. From north to south, from east to west. On many of these trails, you’ll also be able to discover diverse cultural heritage and the pulse of the countryside in addition to natural beauty. Everywhere you go, you’ll be served local specialities and a glass of good wine. Select a trail that is perfect for you!

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    Alpe Adria Trail

    Walking time: 7 days in Slovenia (a total of 33 days) – 6 hours per day; + additional 6 stages/days, a total of 43 stages/days

    Length: 145 km in Slovenia (the total length of the trail is 750 km)

    Difficulty: easy to medium

    Start: Grossglockner; Jepca saddle (the Slovenian part)

    Destination: Muggia near Trieste; Lipica (the Slovenian part)


    The Alpe Adria Trail begins in Koroška under the highest mountain in Austria, Mount Grossglockner, and enters Slovenia across the Karavanke Range, where the landscape turns into a wild limestone world. The Alpe Adria Trail will lead you across the Vršič Pass and through the Soča River Valley into the very heart of these primeval surroundings. Near Kobarid, the trail ascends to the Planina Kuhinja beneath Mt. Krn, then continues towards Tolmin, where it leaves the Alpine world at the Kolovrat Ridge and transforms for the third time. This time, it becomes Mediterranean. In the Brda Hills and in the Karst Region, it once again leads you to Slovenia, but it soon returns to Italy, where this great trail through three countries ends in Muggia, near Trieste. The Alpe Adria long-distance trail consists of 37 stages, with a relatively minor altitude difference. You will be able to focus on enjoying the beautiful countryside and tasting delicious culinary delights. Another six stages connected into a circular six-day tour leads you through all of the three countries on the Alpe Adria Trail.


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    Juliana Trail

    Walking time: 20 days

    Length: 330 km/20 stages

    Difficulty: easy to moderate

    Start: Kranjska Gora

    Destination: Kranjska Gora


    The heart of the Julian Alps, with its high peaks and steeply cut valleys is just the backdrop to our views along the trail, which circles Slovenia’s biggest mountain group and Triglav National Park. This is a circular long-distance hiking trail with an added spur linking the central part of the Julian Alps via Kolovrat by Kanal and the Brda hills with the town of Nova Gorica. It is 330 kilometres long and divided into 20 stages. The stages average between 17 and 20 km in length and take about 5 to 7 hours of walking per day. The recommended daily stages are designed so that you can spend the night in the location at the start or end of the stage, and get refreshment, food and drink. The trail starts and finishes in Kranjska Gora, but you can complete it in whichever direction, starting wherever you like and doing as much of it as you feel like. A stage or two, perhaps the whole thing, in one go or over several years. The Juliana Trail is designed so that hikers can add visits to sites of interest close by the trail that they have hiked.


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    Karavanke long-distance hiking trail


    Walking time: 7 days

    Length: 143 km

    Difficulty: easy to medium

    Start: Jezersko

    Destination: Kranjska Gora


    The Karavanke long-distance hiking trail follows the slopes and valleys of the Karavanke mountains, offering spectacular views of this rugged mountain range. The route is divided into seven daily hiking stages ranging from 14 to 28 km in length. The total length of the route is 143 kilometres.


    The Karavanke long-distance hiking trail brings together the places and people that are part of the Karavanke mountain chain in a unique hiking experience. The trail passes through easily accessible mountain areas, where you will explore the surroundings and experience natural sights. You will get to know the local people, ancient traditions, discover the mountain plateaus and the richness of the valleys. On sunny and grassy slopes, you will enjoy magnificent views of the Sava Valley, the Julian Alps and the whole of Gorenjska. This is a route where sensations, magnificent views, the simple joy of walking and a taste of life under the Karavanke Mountains intertwine.


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    Slovenian Mountain Trail

    Walking time: 28 days

    Length: 599 km

    Difficulty: all levels of difficulty

    Start: Maribor

    Destination: Ankaran


    The Slovenian Mountain Trail begins in Maribor and crosses the plateaus of the Pohorje Hills, from where you already have a glimpse of the tallest Alpine summits in the distance. The trail first enters the Alps in the Kamnik and Savinja Alpine range, as it runs across its highest peaks, and then the trail continues along the long Karavanke range, which separates Slovenia from Austria. From there, it again descends into the valley and soon rises into the heart of the Julian Alps, to Mount Triglav and the steepest peaks, with breathtaking views following one after another as the trail approaches the Adriatic Sea. Each of these peaks offers a wonderful view and experience, and each step takes you closer to the sea. However, before you reach it, you must still climb many higher and lower mountains in the pre-Alpine foothills, the inspiring Karst Region, and then, suddenly, a sea breeze cools your tired body. The Slovenian Mountain Trail ends at Debeli Rtič on the Adriatic coast and connects 49 mountain huts, 23 peaks, and 5 towns. It is well marked with Knafelc blazes and the number 1. The Slovenian Mountain Trail is the oldest connecting trail in the world, and was created in 1953. How much time will you need to walk this trail? It can be walked in 28 days, and some of the best mountain runners even run along it. The record is seven days, eight hours, and ten minutes.

    But you are in no hurry. Its founder, Ivan Šumljak, advised hikers: “Walk slowly, my friend. In that way, you will experience much, much more.” There is no doubt that the Slovenian Mountain Trail is number one in more ways than one.


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    Via Alpina

    Via Alpina – red trail

    Walking time: 14 days

    Length: 220 km

    Difficulty: all levels of difficulty

    Start: Krvavi Potok

    Destination: Korensko sedlo


    Learn about our natural and cultural heritage. Two out of five Via Alpina trails connecting the eight Alpine countries pass through Slovenia. They are marked in red and purple. The red trail begins in Trieste and then crosses Karst before making its way through the pre-Alpine foothills into the heart of the Julian Alps and the surrounding mountains of Mount Triglav. From there, it descends into the Trenta Valley and once again goes up to our highest mountain pass, the Vršič Pass. The trail continues towards Tamar, a valley dominated by Mt Jalovec. The trail briefly enters the Karavanke Alps and then finally leaves the embrace of the Slovenian Alps.


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    Via Alpina – purple trail

    Walking time: 7 days

    Length: 120 km

    Difficulty: all levels of difficulty

    Start: Dolič

    Destination: Jezerski vrh


    The Via Alpina purple trail makes its way through the eastern limestone Alps in Slovenia, Austria, and Germany. You’ll hike through Slovenia’s tallest mountain ranges: the Julian Alps, the Kamnik and Savinja Alps, and the Karavanke Alps. It begins at the foot of Mt Triglav, under the Dolič Pass, and descends into the Vrata Valley past the magnificent north face of Mt Triglav. From there, it goes up to the ridge of the Karavanke Alps, passes the Zgornje Jezersko region to Mt Jezerski Vrh, and then continues its way into Austria.


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    The Walk of Peace

    Walking time: 33 days

    Length: 520 km (Slovenia and Italy)

    Difficulty: easy to medium

    Start: Log pod Mangartom

    Destination: Duino


    All the way from the Julian Alps via the Brda hills and Karst to the Adriatic, the rhythm of time takes a more tranquil pace, offering space for rest or reflection, a century after the First World War. Among the mountains, canyons, karstic caves and vineyards, it is impossible to miss its legacy. It is now linked up into a trail that spreads a message of peace among nations.


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    European long-distance path E6 (Ciglar’s Path)

    Walking time: 20 days

    Length: 350 km

    Difficulty: easy to medium

    Start: Radelj

    Destination: Strunjan


    Part of this trail runs from the north of Slovenia to the south, crosses the Pohorje Hills, the Posavje Hills, the Dinaric Alps and ends on the Adriatic coast.


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    European long-distance path E7

    Walking time: 30 days

    Length: 600 km

    Difficulty: easy and medium

    Start: Robič

    Destination: Hodoš


    It runs from the west of Slovenia to the east, reaches its maximum altitude at Mt. Porezen, and then continues through the Dolenjska Region, softening its appearance on its way to the Pannonian Plains.

    Zasavje long-distance trail

    Walking time: 12 days

    Length: 200 km

    Difficulty: medium

    Start: Šekoranja Restaurant, Bizeljsko Region

    Destination: Mt Kum Hut, Trbovlje


    The many rolling, wine-producing hills of Bizeljsko form the starting point of a 200 km hiking trail. The trail ends with a walk up to Mt. Kum, the highest mountain in the Posavje Hills.


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    Koroška mountain trail

    Walking time: 10 – 12 days

    Length: 230 km

    Difficulty: medium

    Start: Ravne na Koroškem

    Destination: Ravne na Koroškem


    A circular long-distance mountain trail with 31 checkpoints, follows the edges of the Koroška Region valleys – the Mežica, Drava, and Mislinja valleys – and connects the Karavanke Alps, the Pohorje Hills, the Kozjak Hills, and the Savinja Alps.


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    Via Dinarica

    Walking time: 6 days

    Length: 160 km (Slovenian section)

    Difficulty: easy to moderate

    Start: Nanos

    Destination: Babno polje


    Via Dinarica Slovenia marks the start of this long-distance hiking trail and traverses the entire Dinaric Alps. It crosses stunning unspoilt karst terrain, where you’ll encounter the natural phenomena of the mysterious underground world and experience breathtaking views of the high karst plateaus.