When you’re as high in the mountains as you can go


    Hiking in the mountains

    Confront the highest walls of our magnificent highlands

    When lush forests begin to thin out and the flora is replaced by rocks, you’ve crossed the border between hills and mountains. You can hike above the tree line in all three mountain ranges: in total, the highest ranges of the Julian Alps, Karavanke Alps, and Kamnik and Savinja Alps have 352 peaks that are higher than 2000 metres.

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    Češka Koča mountain cabin in the Kamnik and Savinja Alps

    There are many peaks that are ideal for conquering. The tallest mountain, the 2864-metre-high Mt Triglav, located in the heart of Triglav National Park, is a true treat for all mountain climbers. However, it’s far from being the only one.  Mt Škrlatica, Mt Mangart, Mt Jalovec, Mt Razor, Mt Grintovec, Mt Jezerska Kočna, and Mt Skuta are just some of the imposing mountains with an elevation exceeding 2500 metres.

    Hikers in the Julian Alps

    Hiking trails in the hills are also well-marked, and you’ll be able to find mountain huts, where you can grab a bite and get some rest. If you’re trying to conquer a more difficult summit, you can also find refuge in one of Slovenia’s 17 bivouacs.


    If you’re a mountain-lover who’d like to fully experience Slovenia’s mountains in all of their beauty, we recommend to experience them on any of the long-distance mountain trails. The Alps have a whole network of them. Experienced mountaineers who are great rock climbers will easily be able to find an inviting climbing wall or area.

    Triglav National Park

    When planning your hike, take into account that the winters are very long and cold in the mountains and that snow can easily be found in sunless locations in the summer, too. In the summer, you can expect major temperature changes, storms, and strong sun. If you’ve never been at such high elevations, take into consideration that above 2500 metres the body needs time to adjust to the elevation. Also make sure to enquire about your trail before you head up and follow safety recommendations.


    Best wishes on your mountain adventure!