Climbing via ferrata, protectet climbing path, Češka koča


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    Slovenians have mountaineering in their blood. Our mountaineers have been conquering the main trails on the highest mountains of the world for decades. Their experience and love come from climbing local rock formations.

    The most well-known rock formation for climbing is the North Face of Mt Triglav. It is 3000 metres wide and 1000 metres high and offers more than 100 mountaineering trails. Mountaineers hold the trails across Čopov Steber, Sfinga, and Zlatorogove Police in particularly high esteem.


    Many other mountains are also interesting for climbers. In the Kamnik and Savinja Alps, Mt Mrzla Gora, the rock formations under Mt Krofička, Velika Baba, Mt Raduha, Mt Brana, Mt Kočna, Mt Grintovec, Mt Skuta, Mt Štajerska Rinka, Mt Turška Gora, and Mt Ojstrica are popular. In the Julian Alps, climbers love Mt Mala Mojstrovka, Mt Travnik, Mt Jalovec, the rock faces of Mt Razor and Mt Prisojnik above Krnica Valley, the rock faces of Mt Špika above Martuljek Valley, and the rock faces of Mt Loška Stena and Mt Jerebica in the valleys of the rivers Soča and Koritnica.

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    Sports climbing

    Sports climbing is the best

    Slovenian climbers are some of the best sports climbers in the world. The training conditions are good, as many climbing sites and climbing centres can be found in Slovenia.


    If you are an advocate of natural climbing sites, there are no fewer than 113 of those. Most of them are in the Julian Alps. If you are in the Kranjska Gora area, head to the steep rock formations above the village of Dovje, to Radovna, or to the climbing site at Vršič Pass. In Bohinj, the most well-known rock climbing sites are Rudnica and Pod Skalco. You can also go climbing near the coast, on the Karst Rim. There, you can find many climbing trails with varying levels of difficulty. The most popular rock faces among climbers are Osp and Mišja Peč. There are also some climbing sites above Vipava, in Kotečnik in Posavje, at the Žohar climbing site in the Logar Valley, in Zgornje Jezersko, and in the Topla Landscape Park in Koroška. Just outside of the capital city of Ljubljana, you can go climbing at the Grmada natural climbing site on Šmarna Gora Hill.


    Climbing on a natural rock formation

    The largest and most modern sports climbing centre is located in Ljubljana. You can also find such centres in Gozd Martuljek, at the Verd Centre near Vrhnika, at the Rdeča Dvorana sports hall in Velenje, in Celje, Koper, and Nova Gorica.


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