5000 kilometres of opportunities for nature hikes


    Themed trails

    Welcome new adventures!

    Slovenia offers you 5000 kilometres of themed and walking trails, which criss-cross the country from the coast to the mountains.


    On these carefully planned and dedicated trails, you can discover the special features and incredible elements of the natural or cultural environment through which we are walking. There are easy and educational trails, which we can mostly enjoy in all seasons. They can often be found in Slovenia’s nature parks, each of which will inspire you with its rich flora and fauna. There are also other trails that will take you in the footsteps of cultural heritage, gastronomy, or other local features.


    You’ll certainly get some good exercise, but we assure you that you’ll also learn a lot of new things and experience many interesting things. So, set off on your journey, as adventures await!

    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    Škocjan Educational Trail

    Follow the yellow signposts

    In Slovenia, themed trails are marked with yellow signposts and a yellow blaze (a white circle surrounded by a yellow ring). Some themed trails also use their own logos and markings for trail blazing.


    Themed trails are very popular among families with young children, as they are mostly flat and the stories that they tell keep the children interested. Special equipment is not required. Comfortable hiking boots and clothing that makes you feel good will suffice.

    Solčava Panoramic Road

    Top themed trails

    There are many of them and each is interesting in its own way. Our favourites include:

    • Strunjan in the Images of the Sea (Strunjan v podobah morja)
    • The Science and Ethnography Trail Around the Logar Valley (Naravoslovno-etnografska pot po Logarski dolini)
    • ‘Jesenkova Pot’ trail – Rožnik, Ljubljana
    • Razkrižje Cultural Heritage Trail (Pot kulturne dediščine Razkrižje)
    • Trail along the River Iška – Okljuk
    • The Windows of the Marshes Trail, Ljubljana Marshes
    • Škocjan Educational Trail
    • Walk of Peace, Kobarid
    • Bohinj Cheese Tour
    • Solčava Panoramic Road
    • Žirovnica Cultural Heritage Path
    • The Brestanica Trappists’ Trail
    • Vipava Wine Trail
    • Sromlje Trail of Wine and Sun


    The Association of Coronary Societies and Clubs of Slovenia established a system of the so-called Heart Trails throughout Slovenia, on which coronary patients and, of course, other hikers can test their physical fitness. The routes are between 3 and 12 km long. Most of them are without major differences in height, are safe and offer information about the surrounding offer along the route.