What is in store for you?

Karst & Brkini

    The Karst and Brkini represent a special world and an even more special part of Slovenia, which is mostly left alone by winter and is therefore very suitable for non-winter outdoor adventures all year round, whether above or below ground.


    This wonderful world, shaped by a special combination of water and rock, is of course world famous, but it has been left out by the big tourist currents, so outdoor enthusiasts can still find quiet spaces to enjoy nature. The only thing to watch out for is the strong Burja wind, which likes to blow strong during the winter months and can turn outside movement into a real challenge. You can take refuge from it in the wonderful and mysterious underground world, where you won’t be blown away and you will be amazed by the beauty of the scenes that will open up before you. The world’s longest underground canyon in the Škocjan Caves, for example, is already a must-see. You can also take refuge in the underground world in the Vilenica and Divača caves.

    Javni zavod Park Škocjanske jame

    Above ground, there is another world-famous, but this time living, beauty to admire…. called the Lipizzaner. The Karst is home to the breed of Lipizzaner horses, known the world over for their white colour and their exeptional ability to be trained. In Lipica, you can visit the stud farm and see these beautiful horses playing in nature or putting on a show, but the estate is also ideal for a walk, a round of golf or a bike ride.

    At Lipica stud farm you have the opportunity to learn about the breeding of the Lipizzaner horses, get up close to them and/or take a carriage ride. There is also a superb golf course on the estate.

    Foto Visit Kras

    The Karst and Brkini region is also home to many international hiking trails. The Jakob Trail, the Via Alpina and the Alpe Adria Trail, which lead to the sea, offer some unforgettable stages in the Karst. Of course, you’ll also find more than enough opportunities for day trips, for example along the Magajna Trail or the route of the disused Trieste-Hrpelje railway line. The Vertical in the Glinščica valley is also a very picturesque option for a day hiking trip.


    Cyclists are probably familiar with the route of the old railway between Kozina and Trieste, but if you haven’t done it before, it’s a must, especially as it’s a reletively easy route. For a longer scenic route, we recommend the 72 km long cycling circuit of the lower Karst, suitable for mountain bikers (macadam). Mountain bikers can also head to the famous Vremščica peak for views. Road cyclists will also find their own twists and turns and low-traffic roads, but the best things in Karst & Brkini are reached by gravel roads, so we still recommend using a gravel bike, so why limit yourself.

    Diversity of landscapes

    From romantic stone villages, through grassy fields, let the wind take you away to a beautiful day.

    Foto: Nejc Bole, Jošt Gantar in Visit Kras

    Although travelling through the nature of the Karst and Brkini region is wonderful in itself, a smart person still takes the opportunity to experience the land in which they are located in depth. So don’t miss the opportunity to taste the herbs, see the lavender fields, the architecture and of course the cuisine (Karst Masterclass…), not forgetting the teran and wine tasting 😊


    If you like to take part in guided hikes, we would like to mention that at the end of the month, on 29 October, there is also a hike along the traces of the Soča battlefield with beautiful views of the sea and the Julian Alps in the background.

    Capture experiences as varied, surprising and special as our authentic nature.