The Karavanke Mountains are one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country. They offer views of the Julian Alps, the Ljubljana Basin and Austrian Carinthia; views you won’t find anywhere else. They are relatively easy to hike and accessible, giving you an exceptional opportunity to experience them in a week, whether on foot or on a bicycle.


    They are intertwined with many trails, but we would like to highlight two long-distance trails, one for mountain bikers and the other for hikers.

    The Karavanke Hiking Trail is a long-distance trail that follows the slopes and valleys of the Karavanke mountains, offering spectacular views of this rugged mountain range.


    Foto: Jošt Gantar

    Karavanke long-distance hiking trail


    The Karavanke long-distance hiking trail follows the slopes and valleys of the Karavanke mountains, offering spectacular views of this rugged mountain range. The route is divided into seven daily hiking stages ranging from 14 to 28 km in length. The total length of the route is 143 kilometres.


    The Karavanke long-distance hiking trail brings together the places and people that are part of the Karavanke mountain chain in a unique hiking experience. The trail passes through easily accessible mountain areas, where you will explore the surroundings and experience natural sights. You will get to know the local people, ancient traditions, discover the mountain plateaus and the richness of the valleys. On sunny and grassy slopes, you will enjoy magnificent views of the Sava Valley, the Julian Alps and the whole of Gorenjska. This is a route where sensations, magnificent views, the simple joy of walking and a taste of life under the Karavanke Mountains intertwine.

    The Trans Karavanke mountain bike trail is suitable for well-prepared mountain bikers, as the daily stages are between 25 and 35 km long and up to 1,650 vertical metres can be climbed in one day.



    Foto: Jošt Gantar

    Trans Karavanke MTB Trail

    The trail runs from Jezersko to Tromeja, but you can also follow it in the opposite direction. It mostly follows forest roads on the southern slopes of the Karawanken Mountains, rising to the summit and the border with Austria only at the westernmost point of Peč or Tromeja (the Slovenia-Austria-Italy triple border).


    The 132 km, divided into 5 stages, includes visits to the Slovenian Mountain Museum in Mojstrana, Tržič, Dovžan Gorge and several popular mountain huts (Valvasor’s hut under  Stol, the Pristava Hut in Javorniški Rovt, the mountain hut on Preval mountain, the Mountain hut on Zelenica, the Hut on Kofce), but the greatest reward will be the magnificent views and the enjoyment of unspoilt nature.


    The trail was designed within the framework of the Alpe AdriaKaravanke/Karawanken project (Interreg V-Slovenia-Austria Cooperation Programme, ERDF).