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    Road cycling

    See Slovenia from its many road cycling trails. Fresh air, diverse nature, and friendly locals will make your moments on your road bike quite special.

    Road cycling is very common in Slovenia. We love cycling and cheering on our road cyclists, who are among the very best in the world in road cycling. International road cycling events are very popular, too. The importance of the annual Tour of Slovenia has been growing internationally. Marathon Franja is an annual road cycling event attended by recreational cyclists and professional cyclists alike.

    Always on the right track

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    Marathon Franja for cyclists

    Where to take your road bike?

    There are plenty of interesting trails all over Slovenia.


    In addition to magnificent mountain tours, Alpine Slovenia also offers numerous opportunities for road cycling. The Soča Valley is one of the most beautiful cycling destinations in Slovenia, for road cyclists, trekking cyclists, and mountain bikers. Visit Bovec, Kobarid, or ride along the River Soča to Tolmin. The same is true for Kranjska Gora and its surrounding area as well as the Bohinj Valley. Make sure to take your road bike towards the stunning Logar Valley in the Kamnik and Savinja Alps or follow the lively River Savinja.

    Tour of Slovenia

    If you visit Thermal Pannonian Slovenia, which is mostly flat or has gentle hills, prepare to pedal fiercely. In Pomurje, explore the surrounding area of Moravske Toplice, the gentle hills of Goričko, or Prlekija. In Podravje, follow the River Drava or make a turn and visit gentle wine-growing hills. In Dolenjska, you’ll be guided by the River Krka and the numerous trails that take you through idyllic landscape. If you have any energy left, visit Posavje, where you can enjoy incredible cycling trails covering distances from 15 to 60 km.

    In central Slovenia, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a suitable asphalt trail for road cycling. Explore the surrounding area of Ljubljana, make a turn towards Kamnik in the north, or go towards Bela Krajina and Kočevsko.

    A cycling stage around the Karst

    Are you keen on visiting the coast or the Karst? Excellent choice. Explore coastal towns and inland areas. Then, make sure to visit the Karst. Cycle on the trails near Lipica and make sure to visit the Vipava Valley. The latter is considered a true Mecca of road cycling. You can choose between taking mostly flat trails running through the valley, the hilly Karst in the southwest, and the steep ascents taking you towards the northwest. If at all possible, include the Brda Hills in your cycling itinerary. You will not regret it.