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    Posavje offers active rest for the entire family.



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    The dynamic Posavje region is known for hospitable people, rich history, and diverse nature, which provides both an active getaway as well as relaxation. The region between the Gorjanci Hills, the hills surrounding Bohor Hill, and the Posavje Hills is covered in lush forests, vineyards, and orchards. The rivers Sava, Mirna, Krka, and Sotla as well as well-preserved medieval castles leave a unique mark on the region. Rajhenburg Castle, the Posavje Museum in Brežice, the Božidar Jakac Gallery, Mokrice Castle, Podsreda Castle, and Sevnica Castle each tell interesting stories about the region’s exciting past. 


    In recent years, Posavje has been increasingly explored by hikers and lovers of outdoor activities. Particularly by those who love to treat their taste buds after an active day. Local culinary operators have come together under the single Tastes of Posavje (Okusi Posavja) label. Treat yourselves to a glass. 


    Posavje is ideal for lovers of water activities. You can enjoy many of these on the River Krka before it flows into the River Sava and on artificial lakes on the River Sava before the river reaches the hydroelectric power plant. 

    If you prefer swimming in pools, the largest Thermal Riviera in Slovenia awaits you at the confluence of the rivers Sava and Krka – the Terme Čatež Spa. Aquafun is available all year round, as there are no fewer than 120,000 m2 of outdoor and indoor pools and water attractions. Thermal water is pumped from 11 water holes. If you’re looking for a mountain challenge or an idea for a daytrip, head up to the 922-metre-high Lisca Hill.

    The land of Cviček wine and thermal waters

    Posavje and the Terme Čatež Spa provide an abundance of opportunities for 365 days of adventures a year. The largest thermal riviera is near the confluence of the Sava and Krka rivers, which are the longest Slovenian rivers. This area is also the location of six picturesque castles.

    Active experiences in Posavje


    here is an abundance of opportunities for water fun. Find them at the Terme Čatež Spa or in rivers. In addition to stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, and rowing, timber rafting on the River Sava is also popular. To experience more tranquil moments, we recommend that you go fishing.


    There’s a lot to do if you’re a cyclist. Posavje has a large network of cycling trails with signposts. If you prefer walking, there are many trails that are suitable for all kinds of hikers. Bohor Hill, Lisca Hill, Grmada Hill, and the Gorjanci Hills are among the most popular hills not exceeding 900 metres in elevation. On Lisca Hill, there’s also a via ferrata, which will pose a challenge even to advanced climbers.


    Hot-air ballooning is also developed in Posavje, and Lisca Hill is a take-off site for hang gliders and paragliders. 


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