Karst and Brkini

This dreamy land is famous for its apples and mysterious shrubberies.

    Karst and Brkini

    The Karst and the Brkini Mountains are a special world.



    Karst and Brkini


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    It is given its image and soul by the stone, which has always been transformed by water and man. Visit our places and fall in love with the beauty of this dynamic coexistence at the edge of the Mediterranean.


    Our world between the Gulf of Trieste, the Vipava Valley and the Brkini Mountains is called the Karst. It is where water and soluble stone meet. Ever since, together they have created a magical world of underground caves, disappearing rivers, sinkholes and other karst phenomena. Our Karst plateau has given its name to all the landscapes in the world with similar soil composition, as well as their natural phenomena.


    Nature has played a kindly game by placing green and very fertile hills on the edge of the rocky Karst. This are Brkini, a wonderful world of orchards and endless meadows. The views are breathtaking. Almost every hilltop is greeted by a white church and awakens romantic feelings. These are places where one can escape from the mad world.

    Karst and Brkini region

    The intertwining of stone, plains and green hills creates an extraordinary world of caves, vineyards and romantic villages.

    Foto: Jošt Gantar in Nejc Bole

    Pristine nature offers endless opportunities for wandering and exploring. Unique sights are etched in the memory. In the Karst, you can be active and very curious, or you can just relax. Whatever you do, whether on foot, by bicycle or horseback, you will be accompanied by genuine Karst hospitality. With a glass of local wine or brandy and a taste of delicious local dishes, you will feel the soul of our world.


    The Karst is picturesque. Experience all its nuances.

    The Karst is full of beauty. Find them on foot.

    Walking in the karst landscape is a delight for those who don't look for a challenge, but enjoy every step of the way. Such trails, surprisingly beautiful and full of interesting stories, await you in the Karst and Brkini.

    This is probably why many international hiking trails converge here. The Jakob Trail, the Via Alpina and the Alpe Adria Trail, which lead to the sea, offer some unforgettable stages in the Karst.

    Wide freedom of cycle routes

    Through karst groves to the sea, through forests, along just the right steep paths to picturesque peaks. All our paths, tarmac, gravel and wild, are beautiful for the views and the stories that invite you into the experience.

    Foto: Alan Kosmač, Jošt Gantar in Nejc Bole