Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

The land of Cviček wine and therapeutic thermal waters

Termalno-panonska Slovenija


    Because of the fast pace of our daily lives, we often forget to enjoy the beauty around us. Time stops in the Dolenjska region, where we feel the peace and tranquillity of this green landscape in the embrace of nature.





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    Dolenjska is a landscape that is home to thermal springs and Cviček wine, a red dry wine, produced from white and red grape varieties. In addition to the Chianti from Tuscany, Cviček is probably the only wine in the world made from red and white grape varieties.

    Visit the region of thermal springs and Cviček wine.

    Dolenjska is the land of gentle hills, vineyards and the River Krka. This is the place to spend your free time actively.

    The region is marked by gentle wine-growing hills and the River Krka. This river flows through Dolenjska’s regional centre, Novo mesto, and is ideal for many water sports. Beavers have also found their home on the banks of the River Krka. Water generally plays an important role in Dolenjska, as thermal springs contributed to the development of spas. We recommend the Šmarješke Toplice Spa and the Dolenjske Toplice Spa.


    There are plenty of opportunities in Dolenjska to have an exciting holiday and explore rich natural and cultural heritage. Pleterje Monastery is interesting; it is the only still operating charterhouse in the Slavic world.


    Active experiences in Dolenjska

    There are many hiking trails in Dolenjska and they continue towards Bela Krajina and the forests of the Kočevsko region. The E7 European Long-Distance Path also crosses Dolenjska.


    The 75 km Krka Valley Cycling Marathon poses a special challenge to cyclists, even the best of the best. There are also many other cycling trails in Dolenjska, which are suitable for mountain bikers and road cyclists.


    You can go on boat rides, rafting, stand-up paddleboarding, or canoeing on the River Krka.


    The Otočec Golf Course (18 holes) has already been named the most beautiful golf course in Slovenia twice.


    You can go skiing or cross-country skiing in Dolenjska, too. The small Gače Ski Centre near Novo mesto is located in unspoilt nature at an elevation of 965 metres. Gače is also a popular panoramic outlook and short-trip destination.


    Because Dolenjska is rich in water, it’s also a true paradise for fishermen.