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    The Brda Hills

    You’ll get the best sense of the Brda Hills as you actively explore idyllic villages and vineyards and taste renowned wines and excellent local food



    The Brda Hills


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    The Brda Hills are a sunny wine-growing landscape between the Alps and the Mediterranean. They are located in the far north of Slovenia, on the border with Italy. The climate, which is sub-Mediterranean here, is affected by the Adriatic Sea, which is only 20 km away. The land is very fertile, as virtually all plants thrive here. In early spring, the Brda Hills become adorned with the wonderful white covering of cherry blossoms, which soon turn into delicious red cherries. Other fruit, olives, grapes follow later.

    The Brda Hills, land of intoxicating moments and uniqueness

    This fairy-tale landscape with views of the sea and the Italian regions of Friuli and Veneto has a special, magical power. The Brda Hills, a land of gentle rolling hills, are nestled halfway between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea.

    • The most beautiful view of the Brda Hills is from the panoramic tower in Gonjače. It is 23 metres high and is considered to be the central point of the Brda Hills. Significant towns include Šmartno, Dobrovo, and Vipolže.


    Active experiences in the Brda Hills

    In addition to generous nature, the Brda Hills also offer plenty of opportunities for relaxed recreation. With its 280 km of dedicated cycling trails, they are a true destination for all cyclists. To conquer gentle ascents in the Brda Hills, you can also hire electric bicycles.


    Here, you’ll encounter many runners and hikers, too. The long-distance Alpe Adria Trail crosses the orchards, olive groves, and vineyards of the Brda Hills.


    An event not to be missed is the Cherry Festival.