Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

May time stand still and the adventure begin

Termalno-panonska Slovenija


    Pomurje will take your breath away, if only you’re willing to leave a piece of yourself there





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    The flat area of the Pomurje region, in the far northeast of Slovenia, is a landscape with vast views that take your gaze across the plains and gentle hills, it’s a landscape with springs of medicinal water, thermal waters, excellent tastes, homeliness, and hospitality. The Pannonian world was once covered by the Pannonian Sea, and today these areas are mostly flat, with the highest point reaching only 400 metres above sea level.


    They say that time passes slower here, which is excellent news for everyone who wishes to stop time, even for just a moment. The River Mura flows through this area slowly, but powerfully. It awakens during heavy rain or when snow is melting. It creates cutoff channels, which are a source of incredible biodiversity.

    Where rural tradition meets the present.

    Experience the simplicity, warmth and sincerity of the Pannonian character and landscape.

    Murska Sobota is the regional centre. There, you can go to Lake Sobota and visit Expano, an interactive experiential park, and explore the beauty of the local landscape.


    Pomurje is known for three unique thermal waters: black, mineral, and paraffin water. You can release energy or be re-charged with it at spas in Moravske Toplice, Radenci, Banovci, and Lendava.


    If you’re seeking some peace and quiet, head to the Goričko Landscape Park. It’s a part of a park that we share with neighbouring Austria and Hungary, and it serves as the habitat for many endangered plant and animal species. In the gentle hills of Goričko, you can visit the village of Grad, which is home to the largest baroque castle in Slovenia. If you visit it with your children, make sure to also visit the Vulkanija Adventure Park.


    You’ll also find the picturesque landscape of Jeruzalem stunning. This village is located among gentle wine-growing hills and it’s an excellent starting point for hiking, cycling, and enjoying culinary experiences.


    Active experiences in Pomurje

    Pomurje has a network of well-marked hiking trails. Go in the footsteps of St Martin or go hiking on a part of the Slovenian Mountain Trail. Exploring Pomurje by bicycle is relatively easy, yet interesting. There are over 600 km of marked cycling trails in the region. Pick a long-distance cycling trail along the River Mura or the Pomurje circular cycling trail.


    The River Mura and many lakes are very popular with fishermen. A fishing licence is mandatory. You can also go rafting on the River Mura, and timber rafting is particularly interesting.


    Golfers congregate in Moravske Toplice.


    You can go swimming in many spas or town pools in Murska Sobota and Ljutomer.

    Go to Lake Bukovnica to get recharged by visiting its energy points. There’s also an adrenaline park there.