Central Slovenia

Wild, yet friendly.

Kraško-mediteranska Slovenija


    Discover the vastness of the green (primeval) forests of Kočevsko. Go deep into the forest and listen from up close to nature breathing. 





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    Kočevsko is located in southern Slovenia. It’s our most forested region, as forests cover no less than 91% of all surface areas. In these vast forests, primeval forests are also hidden; this is where we can get a sense of how forceful nature is in its most primordial form. This region is home to many wild animals, including bears and wolves, but you’ll have difficulty encountering them. With a little luck and in a completely safe way, you can observe bears on guided tours through the forest or through the lens of a camera.


    The Kočevje Region is the largest Natura 2000 protected area in Slovenia and one of the best-preserved natural habitats in Europe. The largest town is Kočevje.

    Welcome to the mysterious primeval forest!

    Head to the outskirts of mysterious primeval forest, the most well-preserved part of Slovenia, where you’ll get a sense of life as it originally was.

    Active experiences in Kočevsko

    If you decide to visit Kočevsko, don’t forget your bicycle. Kočevsko has a large network of cycling trails for all tastes. Lovers of cycling and adrenaline should make sure to visit the MTB Trail Centre, where they can enjoy unforgettable downhill rides on dedicated mountain biking trails in the Stojna Hills, with a total length of 12 km. The youngest cyclists can test their skills on a smaller course.


    The Kočevsko forests have a network of numerous marked hiking trails with varying levels of difficulty, which invite you to come and discover them. Because we’d like to preserve the primeval character of the forests of Kočevsko, visitors must stay on the marked trails.


    The ‘Bear’s Footsteps’ hiking trail, which takes you through the mighty forests of the Kočevski Rog plateau, is very interesting. This is one of the most difficult and most extreme recreational hikes in Slovenia; it covers a staggering distance of 64 km. The trail takes you past three forest reserves and it offers the experience of peace and quiet, while it’s also a sports challenge for everyone who wishes to test the limits of their endurance.


    Lovers of adrenaline and water visiting Kočevsko can enjoy rafting, kayaking, or canoeing on the River Kolpa. If you go rafting, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide, who will safely take you down some white waters.


    Roška Trail in Kočevsko