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Winter season 2016/2017
December 16, 2016 to Easter mondat April 17, 2017

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily
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Walking time

28 days
Path length

617,4 km


Maribor - Debeli Rtič

Slovenian mountain trail

This is the longest and by far the most popular long-distance trail in Slovenia.

It begins in Maribor and crosses the plateaus of the Pohorje Hills, from where you already have a glimpse of the tallest Alpine summits in the distance. The trail first enters the Alps in the Kamnik and Savinja Alpine range, as it runs across its highest peaks, and then the trail continues along the long Karavanke range, which separates Slovenia from Austria. From there, it again descends into the valley and soon rises into the heart of the Julian Alps, to Mount Triglav and the steepest peaks, with breathtaking views following one after another as the trail approaches the Adriatic Sea. Each of these peaks offers a wonderful view and experience, and each step takes you closer to the sea. However, before you reach it, you must still climb many higher and lower mountains in the pre-Alpine foothills, the inspiring Karst Region, and then, suddenly, a sea breeze cools your tired body.

The Slovenian Mountain Trail ends at Debeli Rtič (not in Ankaran) on the Adriatic coast and connects 49 mountain huts, 23 peaks, and 5 towns. It is well marked with Knafelc blazes and the number 1. The Slovenian Mountain Trail is the oldest connecting trail in the world, and was created in 1953. How much time will you need to walk this trail? It can be walked in 28 days, and some of the best mountain runners even run along it. The record is seven days, eight hours, and ten minutes.

But you are in no hurry. Its founder, Ivan Šumljak, advised hikers: “Walk slowly, my friend. In that way, you will experience much, much more.” There is no doubt that the Slovenian Mountain Trail is number one in more ways than one.