The picturesque Via Dinarica trail

The largest hiking discovery in Europe

    Via Dinarica Slovenia

    The picturesque Via Dinarica trail is described by the hiking media as the largest hiking discovery in Europe.

    Via Dinarica Slovenia, the first section of the famous hiking trail that connects Dinaric mountains acros the Balcans, offers an exceptional travel experience. The path from Mt. Nanos to Babno polje, with its varied terrain, high peaks, pristine forests and picturesque meadows, is in itself a fulfilling hiking challenge. The real charm of this unique route is the many natural wonders and cultural attractions. So many extraordinary masterpieces of nature, biodiversity and the originality of the blind are not found anywhere else.

    Snežnik (Photo: Aleš Petrič)

    The mighty Dinaric Alps, which start in Slovenia in the northwest and end in Albania in the south, offer new hiking challenges. The world of the Western Balkans is diverse, completely unknown to many European travelers. The well-kept Via Dinarica hiking trail leads along interesting, relatively undiscovered mountain trails and connects the Western Balkans to a new European hiking destination. Numerous stages of the more than 1000 km long route are an inexhaustible source of opportunities for hiking pleasures. From Slovenia to Albania, or vice versa. Each section is a story in itself.

    Predjama Castle (Photo: Aleš Petrič)

    In Slovenia, where the Via Dinarica begins, its paths lead through the Green Karst. They ascend to Mt. Nanos and Mt. Snežnik, descend to the intermittent lakes and invite you to the underground world of karst caves, touch the mighty castles and take us to hospitable shelters.

    Rakov Škocjan (Photo: Aleš Petrič)

    On the 159 km long route, divided into seven stages, you will be amazed by the view from Nanos on the first day, but this is not the only one. A few days later, another 360 ° view from Snežnik awaits you. In between, there are just enough ascents and descents along karst stone paths and soft lowland meadows, which are a real balm for hikers’ feet. The trail constantly surprises with living karst wonders. Disappearing waters, intermittent lakes that turn into flowering meadows in summer, natural bridges and world-famous karst caves invite you to stop. Old gardens full of interesting stories are sown in between. As you enter the vast forests, you will feel the endless peace of unspoiled wilderness. From the top of Snežnik you will be able to see the last stage of this unique route…

    Lake Cerknica (Photo: Aleš Petrič)

    Facts about Via Dinarica Slovenia

    • 159 km, 7 stages from Nanos to Babno polje on the border with Croatia
    • For experienced hikers, two more demanding ascents to 1313 m and 1796 m
    • The possibility of visiting natural and cultural sights
    • Comfortable accommodation and excellent inns along the way
    • A hiking package with accommodation, food, transport and a guide is available
    • The best time for a hiking tour is from April to October

    Nanos (Photo: Aleš Petrič)