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Via Alpina

A long-distance trail that broadens horizons

    Via Alpina, a long-distance trail that broadens horizons

    Via Alpina, a long-distance hiking trail weaving its way through eight European countries. The long-distance trail is spread over 342 stages and links five different trails. The total length of the trail network is more than 5,000 km. The trail runs between 0 to 3,000 m above sea level in the high mountain areas. Hike a unique long-distance trail and discover the natural and cultural attractions of the Alps.

    If you love nature and outdoor activities, be sure not to overlook Via Alpina, the unique long-distance hiking trail. Hiking the Via Alpina, you’ll discover the Alps, the largest natural area in Europe.


    The Alps are a haven of unique fauna and flora. This natural area offers many opportunities for unforgettable outdoor experiences, attracting hikers, runners, cyclists, paragliders and lovers of watersports. Discover the diversity of the languages, cultures and cuisines of the Alpine countries.

    Via Alpina long-distance trail, Triglav national park, Uroš Ledinek

    Triglav National Park
    Poto: Uroš Ledinek

    The course of the Via Alpina long-distance trail


    The entire long-distance trail is a little more than 5,000 km long and can be completed in 342 stages. The trail runs through eight countries in the Alps – Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France and Monaco.


    All stages of the trail are well-marked with the Via Alpina sign. Along the way, there are many information boards, as well as food and lodging options.

    Set out and hike one of the five Via Alpina trails. You can choose between the Red, Purple, Yellow, Green and Blue Trails, each of which has a number of stages.  Individual stages are not technically demanding and are suitable for all hikers. Some stages are more difficult to complete in winter and in heavy snowfall.


    The Red Trail runs from Monaco to Trieste and consists of 162 stages, while the Slovenia section of the Red Trail spans 14 stages. The Blue Trail has 61 stages, the Yellow Trail has 40, and the Purple Trail has 66 stages, with 10 of them running through Slovenia.  The Green Trail can be easily completed in 15 stages.


    When setting out, check the weather conditions and ensure you’re well-prepared. Follow the guidelines for safe mountain hiking.

    Triglavski narodni park Foto: Uroš Ledinek

    Triglav National Park
    Poto: Uroš Ledinek

    Via Alpina Slovenia


    There are two Via Alpina long-distance trails running through Slovenia. If you’re setting out to hike the Via Alpina in Slovenia, you can choose between the Red and Purple Trails. The Red Trail has 14 stages in Slovenia, while the Purple Trail has 10. The stages vary in difficulty, so choose the ones that are most suitable for you. The total length of the Via Alpina in Slovenia is about 340 km and it can be completed in 17 days.


    Both trails run through the Triglav National Park, which covers most of the Julian Alps. You’ll admire many natural landmarks along the way. Among the most beautiful are the Peričnik, Savica and Boka waterfalls. You’ll be enchanted by the Soča River, traverse several high-mountain pastures and refresh yourself in Lake Bohinj.


    The Purple Trail will take you to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, through the Logar Valley Nature Park and the Dovžan Gorge in Tržič.

    Always on the right trail

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path.

    Via Alpina Red Trail


    The Via Alpina Red Trail links all eight countries. It connects the Alps to the Adriatic Sea, running from Italy through Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and France before reaching Monaco. Thinking of hiking the Red Trail? There are 161 stages ahead of you.


    The trail goes around some of the highest peaks in Alps, such as Triglav, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Hochfeiler, Zugspitze, Silvretta, Piz Bernina, Mont Blanc, the Vanoise glaciers and the Barre des Écrins.


    You’ll discover different cultures along the way and explore the cultural heritage of several countries. You’ll encounter different languages, customs and cuisines. You’ll cross state borders as many as 44 times.

    Via Alpina Long-distance trail, Bohinj Lake, Foto: Uroš Ledinek

    Bohinj lake
    Poto: Uroš Ledinek

    Igor Grober completed the entire Red Trail and wrote a book about the experience. Previously, he also hiked the Yellow Trail and set out on the Purple Trail in 2020.

    Via Alpina Red Trail in Slovenia


    The Via Alpina Red Trail will take you from Trieste across Slovenia. The section of the Red Trail crossing Slovenia is 220 km long and takes seven days to complete. The first stage starts at the Marconi Square in Muggia near Trieste and crosses the border with Slovenia in the second stage. The trail leads through the Glinščica/Rosandra Valley, across Draga, Pesek, and the Italy-Slovenia border.


    Next, it leads you past Lipica, famous for its white horses – Lipizzaners. You’ll walk through the beautiful Karst landscape. Close by are the Škocjan Caves, which are among the most beautiful in the world and are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A relatively level stage takes you to the foot of Nanos, where you’ll ascend to over 1,000 metres above sea level.


    Next, the trail passes through Idrija before reaching the high mountain areas of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park. You’ll visit Lake Bohinj, ascend to the Triglav Lakes, and descend to the Soča Valley. The trail continues along mountain paths across the Vršič Pass, from where it descends through a larch forest and reaches the Tamar Valley. From there, the trail takes you through Podkoren and ascends to the Korensko Sedlo, where you’ll cross the Karavanke range.


    Next is the ascent to the Seltschacher Alm, from where you’ll reach Tromeja (1,509 m), the point where three countries meet – Italy, Austria and Slovenia. This is where the Red Trail in Slovenia ends.

    Via Alpina Long-distance trail, Soča Valley, Poto: Uroš Ledinek

    Via Alpina
    Soča Valley
    Poto: Uroš Ledinek

    Via Alpina Purple Trail in Slovenia


    The section of the Purple Trail crossing Slovenia is much shorter. The Purple Trail links Slovenia, Austria and Germany and comprises 66 stages. In Slovenia, the Purple Trail runs across 10 stages. The trail starts in the high mountains of the Julian Alps at the foot of Triglav (2864m). Be sure to take the opportunity and make the ascent to Slovenia’s highest peak. Next, the trail runs through the Vrata Valley and passes by the Peričnik Waterfall, one of Slovenia’s most beautiful waterfalls. You’ll then continue your journey through the Karavanke and reach Tržič, Zgornje Jezersko and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.