A week of views and enjoyment along the Karavanke ridge

Karavanke long-distance hiking trail

    Do you like to explore and wander the hills of the Slovenian countryside, spending your free time “lost” under the forest canopy, in the flowering pastures and on the peaks of the hills? Are “just day trips” to the mountain world not enough to really unplug, but life doesn’t allow you to get away for more than a week at a time? Then the Karavanke long-distance hiking trail is perfect for you and you’ll enjoy it like you haven’t in a long time!


    The Karavanke long-distance hiking trail brings together the places and people that are part of the Karavanke mountain chain in a unique hiking experience. The trail passes through easily accessible mountain areas, where you will explore the surroundings and experience natural sights. You will get to know the local people, ancient traditions, discover the mountain plateaus and the richness of the valleys. On sunny and grassy slopes, you will enjoy magnificent views of the Sava Valley, the Julian Alps and the whole of Gorenjska. This is a route where sensations, magnificent views, the simple joy of walking and a taste of life under the Karavanke Mountains intertwine.

    The Karavanke long-distance hiking trail follows the slopes and valleys of the Karavanke mountains, offering spectacular views of this rugged mountain range. The route is divided into seven daily hiking stages ranging from 14 to 28 km in length. The total length of the route is 143 kilometres.

    The trail starts (or ends) in Zgornje Jezersko and takes you past the Old Church of St. Ožbolt, where you can enjoy a view of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Continue along the right bank of the Kokra River and later over the valleys and eastern slopes of Storžič to Bašeljsko sedlo pass. From the pass, descend via Hudičev Boršt’ along the scenic trails to Preddvor.

    From Preddvor, the trail continues past the Brdo estate through smaller suburban settlements into the deep Kokra Canyon. There it reaches the old part of Kranj, which is “dotted” with sights. From Kranj, the trail passes by Čuk Cave and Račnik Pond into the heart of the Udin boršt Landscape Park, where you will enjoy the richness of the mighty nature. From the wooded area, the trail rises below Kriška Gora and then, in a pleasant descent, reaches the valley of tržiška, where you will be greeted by the rich industrial tradition of the town, strongly linked to the Karavanke Mountains.


    In the Peračica valley, the trail passes by beautiful river waterfalls and, under the upright mountains, reaches Begunje, home of Avsenik’s famous song Golica. Then comes a stretch of the trail that winds through the most beautiful parts of the Karavanke mountains. First, along the scenic ridge past St Peter’s and Smokušek Peak to the Završnica Valley. From there it continues to the most beautiful and picturesque mountains below Stol, the highest mountain in the Karavanke, and Vajnež.


    Via Španov vrh and Planina pod Golico, known for meadows full of blooming daffodils (in spring), the route reaches Mojstrana with magnificent views of the Julian Alps, where it joins the Julijana hiking trail till the end in Kranjska Gora.

    The route takes you through easily accessible mountainous areas, where you can explore the surroundings and experience the natural features. On sunny mountainsides and grassy pastures, you’ll enjoy magnificent views of the Sava Valley, the Julian Alps with Lake Bled and the whole of Gorenjska.


    Enjoy exploring the Karavanke!