Ski centres are exciting all year round

    Mountain centres are exciting all year round

    Visit a ski centre in summer? Of course. 

    Would you like to get some fresh mountain air and enjoy magnificent views, but you’re unsure where to go? In Slovenia, there really are plenty of opportunities, but there are also many simple solutions. The quickest and easiest way of experiencing an idyllic summer mountain atmosphere is by visiting one of our ski centres. In addition to fun winter activities, virtually all of them also offer a wide variety of summer outdoor activities. They are easily accessible, and the infrastructure is adjusted to skiers and summer visitors alike.


    Therefore, head to ski centres!

    Hiking at mountain centres

    If a ski centre is a starting point for a hiking tour, we’re leaving the choice up to you. All of Slovenia’s ski centres are suitable for more or less demanding hiking challenges. For families with children, themed and educational trails are of particular interest. These trails combine natural beauty with numerous exciting stories. We recommend the fairy-tale dwarves’ experiential trail in Krvavec, the themed trails near Kranjska Gora, or the science educational trail at our highest-lying ski centre, Kanin.

    A bike park

    Cyclists also love going to ski centres. You can find bike parks in Kranjska Gora, Vogel, Krvavec, Kope, and the Cerkno Ski Centre. Mountain bikers are also constant visitors in the Maribor Pohorje Hills, as this is the venue for international mountain biking competitions. Mountain biking trails are also available in the Kanin mountain centre, in Golte, Stari Vrh, and on the Velika Planina plateau.


    Bicycles can be transported via cableways in the Maribor Pohorje Hills, in Rogla, Golte, Krvavec, Vogel, Kranjska Gora, and Cerkno.


    Children can gather their first experience first-hand at children’s bike parks in Kranjska Gora and Kope.

    Adrenaline Park in Vogel

    Paragliders always love trying out new challenges. Paragliding take-off sites can be found in Krvavec, Kanin, and Vogel. In Vogel, a stunning view of Lake Bohinj awaits you. If you’d like to go sky diving in tandem, visit the Golte Ski Centre.


    Hand gliding is also interesting. You can enjoy this activity in Kranjska Gora.


    You can try out summer tobogganing in the Maribor Pohorje Hills, in Rogla, Celjska Koča, the Straža tobogganing site in Bled, and in Kranjska Gora.


    Are you up for zip-lining? Then go to Golte or Stari Vrh. Or visit Kranjska Gora and go zip-lining down the Planica giant ski jumping hill.


    In Golte, you can go climbing on an artificial climbing wall. The excellent Kazarska Grapa climbing site can be found at the Cerkno Ski Centre. A true climbing adventure also awaits you in Kanin, where you can go climbing on a natural rock face. There’s also a via ferrata there.


    If you want to spend an unforgettable day with children, a family park invites you to visit the Stari Vrh Ski Centre. Adventure experiences are offered in Kope, Krvavec, Rogla, and Kranjska Gora, too.


    If we haven’t managed to get you excited yet, perhaps you’ll find the numerous events held at ski centres during the warmer months inviting.

    Get some fresh mountain air and enjoy magnificent views