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    Kanin - Sella Nevea

    Kanin - Sella Nevea

    At 2293 metres, Kanin is the highest-lying ski centre in Slovenia, which is connected with the Italian Sella Nevea ski centre through Sedlo and Prevale.


    Access is possible by way of a gondola lift which will take you from Kaninska Vas near Bovec to an elevation of 2202 metres.





    Kanin – Sella Nevea
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    Snow conditions


    Fresh snow
    50 cm

    Opening hours

    Daily operation
    night operation

    Ski lifts

    Sedežnica Graben


    Daily operation: 09:00-13:00
    night operation: No
    Height difference: /

    Krožno-kabinska žičnica A-D


    Daily operation: 08:00-16:00
    night operation: No
    Height difference: /

    Sedežnica Prevala


    Daily operation: 08:30-15:30
    night operation: No
    Height difference: /

    Trosedežnica Skripi


    Daily operation: 08:30-12:00
    night operation: No
    Height difference: /

    Vlečnica Podi


    Daily operation: 08:30-15:30
    night operation: No
    Height difference: /

    Ski pistes

    Length of ski pistes



    Easy piste



    Medium piste



    Easy piste

    Skripi I


    Medium piste

    Skripi II


    Medium piste

    Skripi III


    Medium piste

    Runs and infrastructure

    The incredible mountain atmosphere of the Kanin mountain ski centre, which is connected with the Italian Sella Nevea ski centre, will take your breath away. Large amounts of natural snow and good snow conditions allow you to go skiing there even right up until the May Day holidays. The centre offers 70 hectares of skiing areas. Most of the well-maintained runs are suitable for experienced skiers and snowboarders, and on both sides of this ski centre beginners and children can enjoy skiing on flatter terrain.


    There are also many visitors who come here to simply relax in the mountain sun and air. If you’d like to enjoy a stunning view, go to the ‘snow beach’ at the highest-laying restaurant in Slovenia – the Prestreljnik Restaurant.


    What to do

    Kanin is a paradise for sports enthusiasts and those seeking an adrenaline-filled adventure, hikers, and all those who enjoy unforgettable views. However, don’t forget about your safety and don’t underestimate the conditions in the mountains: have proper equipment and adapt your activities to your abilities and knowledge.  All activities are carried out at your own risk.


    FREE RIDE: The combined Kanin–Sella Nevea ski centre is a true paradise for lovers of freeride skiing. Particularly on the sunless side of the Italian ski centre, the conditions for skiing outside of the dedicated slopes are excellent – the high-quality snow cover allows skiing in all directions, on more or less demanding slopes. Always take into account your knowledge and the safety precautions that apply in mountainous areas.


    SKI TOURING: Bovec and Kanin-Sella Nevea are a Mecca for adventure-seekers who love guided ski touring trips, guided skiing outside of dedicated slopes, and winter trips to the mountains with experienced mountain guides. Always take into account your knowledge, experience, physical fitness, and instructions provided by guides.


    THE HIGHEST-LYING RESTAURANT AND BAR IN SLOVENIA:  The Kanin Prestreljenik Restaurant, the Kanin SKI BUM BAR ‘snow beach’, and the Kaninske Legende Pub invite skiers and other visitors. As you enjoy a cup of coffee, lunch, or even if you are just lounging in a lounge chair on the ‘snow beach’, you can take in the spectacular view of the Alps. If the weather is good, the view stretches across the Alps, all the way to the Adriatic Sea. A view of the sea from a ski slope is a rarity that makes Kanin so special.


    Kanin SKI RENT and SERVICE 

    At the top gondola station (Station D) at the Kanin ski centre, you can find the KANIN SKI RENT & SERVICE. The service provides basic ski equipment repairs. The ski rental facility provides skies, poles, helmets, ski boots, ski goggles, and gloves for children and adults.



    You can go paragliding from Kanin, towards the Boka Waterfall and further down towards Tolmin, or eastward, to the heart of the Julian Alps. The landing site is located near Bovec – Bovec BREG. Wind indicators can be found at the take-off site as well as the landing site. Restrictions: 2900 m above the terrain. The Bovec sports airport is nearby (more at:


    What to do in winter:

    • Hire skiing equipment & ski service/repair
    • Skiing and snowboarding
    • Snow beach
    • Freeride
    • Guided ski touring
    • Guided skiing outside of dedicated ski slopes
    • Guided winter trips to the mountains with experienced guides
    • The highest-lying restaurant and bar in Slovenia


    Kanin has much to offer in the summer. As it’s located at an elevation of 2200 metres above sea level, it’s a true paradise for adrenaline lovers.


    What to do in the summer:

    • Mountain trails
    • Interpretive nature trail
    • Cycling trails from Station B on rocky roads
    • Mountain biking trails
    • The Via Ferrata Adrenaline Park from Sedla to Prestreljenik
    • Paragliding
    • Monster roller from Station B (reservations:,
    • The highest-lying restaurant and bar in Slovenia


    Accommodation: There is a wide array of accommodation options in Bovec and its surrounding area.