An adrenaline-filled adventure on wild waters

    Release some adrenaline on wild rivers

    Come join us for a water adventure. But under one condition – it has to be healthy and safe!

    Respect the power of water!
    Waters have tremendous power. Rivers can rise in a very short time, and torrents can quickly appear in heavy rain in the hills and mountains. Navigating Slovenia’s rivers for recreational purposes is permitted from 15 March to 31 October.


    Rough lakes and the sea are also not suitable for water sports or swimming in all weather conditions.


    Before heading to, on, or under water, always check the weather forecast. Storms are dangerous, so don’t go in the water, and if you’re already in water, get out as soon as you can!

    Kayaking on the River Soča

    Don’t go on an adventure on your own!

    We recommend that you experience adrenaline-filled water adventures, such as canyoning, hydrospeed, or white water rafting, accompanied by an experienced guide with all of the necessary licences. Experienced local guides are very familiar with the conditions in the water, and they’ll provide you with suitable sports equipment and professionally organise your recreational outing. It’s worth it!

    Canyoning, a unique adrenaline-filled adventure

    How’s your physical fitness?

    When trying to enjoy summer adventures, we can’t only surrender to often irrational wishes and desires for new and fun experiences. Rational judgment is necessary to see what exactly is suitable for us and what our physical fitness and condition are like. Match your holiday goals with the abilities that you trained for during the year!

    The power of water, the power of adrenaline

    Never jump into mud or overflowing water!

    Equipment for the safe exploration of exciting water world experiences

    In addition to knowing the conditions and your physical fitness, certified equipment is also essential in adrenaline sports. Don’t underestimate this recommendation and don’t go into water without suitable equipment.


    If you choose one of the verified operators of adrenaline-filled white water adventures, they’ll provide you with the proper equipment.


    Good luck!

    If you need emergency medical assistance, the fire brigade, emergency veterinary assistance, the assistance of mountain or cave rescuers, other rescue units, or the police, call 112.