Excitement on peaceful waters

    Water experiences on calm waters

    Are you feeling nostalgia for times gone by? Would you like to make time stand still just for a moment?

    Take a look at some of the hints that will take you back in time.


    Around a lake in a dugout? We recommend a guided tour of Lake Cerknica in dugouts, simple boats used by our ancestors before they were replaced by wooden and plastic boats.


    Have you ever crossed a river on a traditional wooden ferry boat? Go to Prekmurje and visit the River Mura. They say that time goes by more slowly there. Your point of embarkation is at the Island of Love in Ižakovci.


    Are you keen on going timber rafting? You can see the rivers Drava, Krka, Sava, or Savinja from a timber raft. In addition to the picturesque landscape, timber rafters will also serve you some local delicacies and world-class Slovenian wines, typical for the region that you are touring. If you are a history buff, make sure to visit the annual Raftsmen’s Ball in Ljubno ob Savinji, which re-enacts timber rafting and other old customs.


    Would you like to take a ‘pletna’ boat to the middle of Lake Bled? If you visit Lake Bled, make sure to take a ride on the lake in a traditional ‘pletna’ boat, a boat typical for Lake Bled, which is navigated by a ‘pletnar’. An iconic church is located on Slovenia’s only natural island in the middle of Lake Bled.

    Take a boat ride on a calm river

    Even more opportunities for fun-loving visitors.

    A canoe safari? Yes, you read that right. No matter what the water level is, Lake Cerknica is ideal for learning about its rich biodiversity. A canoe is an excellent choice for rowing on the rivers Krka, Kolpa, Sotla, Ljubljanica, and on lakes and the sea. Go with the flow and enjoy.


    The seaside provides a lot of fun, too. We recommend that you take a boat trip where you’ll taste local seafood specialities, our world-class wines, and olive oil. Not to be missed!

    Take a ride in a dugout on Lake Cerknica

    Let’s go stand up paddleboarding

    Stand up paddleboarding has recently become many people’s favourite water sport. Especially on calm waters.


    You can go stand up paddleboarding on the River Ljubljanica and explore Ljubljana from the perspective of the river. The same goes for Maribor, which can be admired from the River Drava, or Novo mesto, through which the River Krka meanders. You can also go stand up paddleboarding on the River Kolpa and on many Slovenian lakes, such as Lake Bled, Lake Cerknica, Lake Sobota, or Lake Šmartno.

    Stand-up paddleboarding through the capital city of Ljubljana

    In Bled, take a ride with a typical "pletna" boat, operated by the "pletna oarsman".