Central Slovenia

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Osrednja Slovenija


    A small capital city with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities.





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    With just under 300,000 people, Ljubljana has preserved the friendly feel of a small town, while keeping everything that large capitals have to offer. In addition to the greenery, which you can encounter at every step in Ljubljana, its picturesque appearance has been marked by various historical periods, and particularly by the oeuvre of the world-renowned architect Jože Plečnik.


    The centre of Ljubljana stretches between two small hills, Rožnik Hill and the Castle Hills, where the Ljubljana Castle is located. The city is green, with parks all around. The largest one, Tivoli Park, which is the starting point for your hike to Rožnik Hill, is a popular location for recreation. The 35-kilometre Walk Along the Wire will also spark your interest.  It’s a walk commemorating a time when a wire was installed by the occupier in World War II with the purpose of cutting Ljubljana off from the rest of the country. Today, people enjoying a walk or a hike, runners, and cyclists can be encountered on this walk, while cross-country skiing is also possible in winter.


    There are many small hills in the city outskirts. The most popular one is Šmarna Gora Hill. You can also hike up to Rašica Hill, Golovec Hill, Toško Čelo Hill, Krim Hill, or the Polhov Gradec Hills. To the south, Ljubljana is surrounded by the swampy Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park.

    Enjoy the atmosphere of Slovenia’s capital

    An interesting mixture of various cultures, a venue for sporting, cultural, and business events. Ljubljana is a city with a green soul.

    Active experiences in Ljubljana

    In Ljubljana, you’ll encounter runners at every step. The Ljubljana Marathon contributed to running becoming so popular. During this marathon held at the end of October, runners from all over the world fill the city streets.  The city is cyclist-friendly. Go cycling around the 35-kilometre Walk Along the Wire or hike up to any of the hills in the surrounding area. These hills are also perfect for relaxed hiking. You can reach the starting points for your hikes by taking the city bus.


    The River Ljubljanica is popular for stand-up paddleboarding, rowing, and fishing from a boat. You can catch trout, grayling, and Danube salmon, and if you’re lucky, you can even catch pike. You can go swimming in city pools.


    In Ljubljana and its immediate vicinity, you can find multiple golf courses.


    In winter, many snow-covered surfaces on Ljubljana’s outskirts become cross-country skiing trails. Most of these can be found on the Walk Along the Wire. If you’d like to go ice-skating, make sure to visit the ice-skating rink in Tivoli Park.


    Ljubljana often hosts numerous sports competitions and events. The most well-known mass events are the Ljubljana Marathon for runners and the Marathon Franja for cyclists.