Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

The town of princes with plenty of outdoor opportunities

Termalno-panonska Slovenija


    Follow the stories of Celje’s history, get lost in the town hustle and bustle, or seek active experiences in green nature





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    Celje, once a town of princes, is located in the confluence of the rivers Savinja and Voglajna in the Lower Savinja Valley. The Counts of Celje, whose abode was Celje Castle, are considered one of the most important medieval families in Europe. Today, well-preserved castle buildings and remains of a medieval wall remind us of the rich history.


    Due to its location and green environment, Celje is a fantastic starting point for an active getaway. Head to the nearby Celjska Koča cabin, where there’s a ski slope, summer tobogganing, an adrenaline park, and a bike park, or to one of the more distant peaks that surround the Celje Basin.

    Experience the town of the Counts of Celje

    Celje offers an abundance of cultural and sports activities. Near Celje is the ski center Celjska koča.

    At the Celje Town Forest, which has a network of walking trails, you can visit the largest tree house. Water activities are available at the Celje Town Beach and at Lake Šmartinsko.


    Active experiences in Celje and its surrounding area

    There are plenty of trails for hikers, runners, and cyclists. Head to Lake Šmartinsko, the Old Castle, Anski Vrh Hill, Kunigunda Hill, Šmohor Hill, Brnica Hill, Svetina, or Celjska Koča. At Celjska Koča, you can even hire a bicycle.


    Where to go in the winter? In winter, you can go skiing on a small slope at Celjska Koča, and cross-country skiing trails are also available in Celje and its surrounding area if the snow conditions are good.


    The Town Beach on the River Savinja attracts people who’d like to go swimming. The River Savinja is also great for people who love boat rides (kayaks or canoes) in white waters. There’s a modern kayaking centre in the centre of Celje, on the River Savinja.


    If you prefer calmer waters, go for a boat ride on Lake Šmartinsko. Both the River Savinja and Lake Šmartinsko are popular with fishermen.