Hop in the basket and fly into the sky

    Fly across the sky in a hot air balloon

    Would you like to see Slovenia’s towns and villages from the air? Fly into the sky among birds in a hot air balloon.

    Enjoy a hot air balloon flight over villages, forests, pastures, and enjoy a relaxing view of the landscape below. Hot air balloons often adorn the sky above Slovenia, most frequently in the Ljubljana Basin, near Celje, Novo mesto, Cerknica, and in Pomurje.

    A view from a hot air balloon

    When to go on hot air balloon rides?

    We usually see hot air balloons in the sky early in the morning or in the evening. This is particularly true in warmer months, when the air heats up more quickly and optimal flight conditions are created just after sunrise or just before sunset. In winter, when thermal activity is insignificant, flying in hot air balloons is possible all day long.

    Flying over Ljubljana in a hot air balloon

    What about the weather?

    Flying is not possible when it rains, snows, or if there is going to be a storm. Flying also must be avoided when ground winds are stronger than 3 m/s and when gusts of wind are more than 5 m/s stronger than the average wind speed. The final decision regarding flight is made by the pilot who carefully monitors what is happening in the sky.

    The Ljubljana Marshes as seen from a hot air balloon

    In summer months, we go on hot air balloon rides an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.

    Which is the best season?

    Every season leaves a unique mark on a hot air balloon flight. Spring is known for blooming nature, summer by lush fields, green forests and meadows, autumn by wonderful autumn colours, and winter by snow, frost, and winter mists. Every season is wonderful and unique when observed from a hot air balloon.

    Hot air balloon flights are one of the safest forms of flying.