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    Trekking cycling

    Trekking cycling trails criss-cross Slovenia from one end to another, across hills and through valleys, past beautiful natural landmarks and historical and cultural sights.

    Trekking cycling is popular with families, recreational cyclists, and serious cycling enthusiasts. If you love riding trek bikes on asphalt roads and not too steep dirt roads, then you’ll certainly pick one of our top trekking trails.

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    Cyclists are welcome in Slovenia

    No matter where you go cycling in Slovenia, locals will be glad to recommend interesting cycling trails.  You’ll also encounter local cyclists wherever you go and they’ll be happy to advise you.

    Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia

    Due to the favourable climate, Slovenian Istria and the Karst are ideal for trekking cycling in all seasons. In addition to the famous Parenzana Trail and many other coastal trails, the inland areas are also very interesting. Explore the Vipava Valley – cyclists are really excited about it. Take a ride across the wine-growing Brda Hills. With 280 km of dedicated cycling trails, they are a true destination for all cyclists and lovers of world-class wines. Feel the real Karst near Lipica or the Škocjan Caves.


    Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

    Eastern Slovenia, which is mostly flat or has gentle hills, offers many cycling treats. Pomurje, a region in the far northeast is a special story – it has more than 600 km of marked cycling trails. Continue your journey towards the gentle hills of Haloze and the town of Ptuj. You’ll reach them on the Drava Cycling Trail. Dolenjska in southeastern Slovenia will impress you, too. Podčetrtek and Rogaška Slatina offer excellent terrains for trekking cyclists.

    Central Slovenia

    The capital city of Ljubljana is a cycling city. Hire a bicycle and see it while pedalling. If you’d like a more difficult challenge, head to the 35 km ‘Walk Along the Wire’ trail, which surrounds the city, or the Ljubljana Cycling Trail, where you’ll feel the atmosphere in the city outskirts.

    Further to the north, hundreds of kilometres of marked and well-maintained cycling trails run through the Škofja Loka Hills and Idrija Hills. Lovers of trekking cycling will also be pleased with Kamnik and its surrounding area. You’ll experience true cycling treats if you decide to visit the Kočevsko or Bela Krajina regions. We recommend the Via Bela Krajina cycling trail.

    Alpine Slovenia

    Interesting cycling trails, which you’ll have no problem conquering on your trekking bikes, can also be found in the heart of the Alps. You’re sure to enjoy the Bohinj Valley, Kranjska Gora, and the Soča Valley. Even more to the east, in Jezersko and the Upper Savinja Valley, there are quite a few trails that you’ll find exciting. There’s truly plenty for cyclists in Koroška and in the Maribor Pohorje Hills and Zreče Pohorje Hills. In the Alps, mountain bikers will be particularly pleased, as there’s truly no lack of steep hills here.

    Top 5

    Top 5 trails

    Drava Cycling Route

    The Drava Cycling Trail is a part of an international trail that begins at the source of the River Drava in Italy, continues through Austria, Slovenia, and ends in Croatia. It follows the river along its entire 710 km length until it flows into the Danube. The length of the Slovenian part of the Drava Cycling Trail is 129 km. It mostly runs on less busy local roads, but partly also on dedicated cycling trails and paths. Its suitable for well-prepared recreational cyclists, as an ascent between Podvelka and Lovrenc na Pohorju must be conquered. The use of trekking or mountain bikes is recommended.

    Around the Kamnik and Savinja Alps

    The 130 km circular trail around the Kamnik and Savinja Alps is popular with well-prepared cyclists, who cover it in a single day, and with those who extend their cycling trip into a multi-day tour. On the trail, you’ll cover approximately 2000 m of elevation difference and enjoy many beautiful natural sights and stunning views provided by the Kamnik and Savinja Alps.


    The famous Parenzana coastal trail, also known as the Route of Health and Friendship, runs on the former narrow-gauge railway line between the Italian city of Trieste and Poreč in Croatia. It was once used to transport agricultural produce, which grows well in fertile Istria. The length of the entire route is 130 km and an elevation difference of 1080 m is covered. The Slovenian part of the trail runs along the coast, takes a turn among vineyards, and it partly runs through abandoned tunnels. It’s not difficult, so it’s ideal for a family trip or spending time together while relaxing on a bicycle, or you can even visit it on foot. The mild sub-Mediterranean climate typical for the Slovenian coast enables cycling in all seasons.

    From the Alps, across central Slovenia and the Karst, to the coast

    The trail takes you from the heart of the Alps, across the hills of central Slovenia and the Karst to the coast. The trail begins on the Kranjska Gora–Jesenice cycling trail. The Alpine backdrop accompanies you all the way to Lake Bled. The trail continues through Radovljica towards Kranj, where it makes a turn towards the Škofja Loka Hills and then joins the Ljubljana Cycling Trail. It takes you past Cerknica and Postojna, where you can already feel like you’re in the karst landscape. Then, you will ride through Razdrto, Divača, and Črni Kal, and finally arrive in the coastal town of Strunjan. From there, you can continue your journey on the famous Parenzana trail to Piran and your final destination, Portorož. A jump in the sea will feel really good!

    Via Bela krajina

    This cycling (and hiking) circular trail will take you all around Bela Krajina. It runs amongst gentle wine-growing hills, through forests and idyllic villages to the River Kolpa. It's flat and suitable for family cycling, but even advanced cyclists will enjoy it. If you need some refreshment and rest on your journey, stop at local ‘gostilnas’, traditional pubs and restaurants, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this magical landscape in southern Slovenia.