Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia

White stone and white horses

Kraško-mediteranska Slovenija

    Škocjan Caves and Lipica

    White horses and picturesque subterranean caves are the most recognisable features of the Karst region. If you’d truly like to experience it to the fullest, visit Lipica and the Škocjan Caves Park.



    Škocjan Caves and Lipica


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    Škocjan Caves

    Škocjan Caves have been inscribed on the UNESCO List of World Natural and Cultural Heritage, and the Škocjan Caves Regional Park has also been inscribed on the UNESCO List of Biosphere Reserves. It’s located in the far southeastern part of the Classical Karst, near Divača.


    The Škocjan Caves system is a paradise for speleologists and lovers of the world underground. The subterranean canyon created by the River Reka consists of many caves, tunnels, natural bridges, and ‘ponor’ natural openings. The impressive 146-metre-high underground canyon, the largest underground canyon in Europe, is the most famous.

    Visit the Škocjan Caves Park and the Lipica Stud Farm

    Due to their incredible significance, Škocjan Caves have been declared a natural world heritage and inscribed on the UNESCO list. The Lipica Stud Farm – where the fairy tale of the prince on a white horse is being written.


    The elegant white Lipizzaner horses were named after Lipica, a significant Slovenian equestrian centre, where they’ve been bred since 1580. The unique heritage of the Lipica Stud Farm and the Lipizzaner horses are renowned all around the world. Here, white stones make way for meadows, where oaks, linden trees, and chestnut trees grow and these beautiful noble animals go to pasture.


    Lipica is located near Divača, right next to the border with Italy. There are multiple karst caves in the vicinity of Lipica: Vilenica Cave, Dolga Jama Cave, Lipenska Jama Cave.


    Active experiences in the Karst

    You can tour the Škocjan Caves on a tour path, which is approximately three kilometres in length, and this will take you just under two hours.  More serious cave-exploring tours and boat rides in caves are also available.


    In the Škocjan Caves Park, you can stretch your legs without going underground. There are running, hiking, and cycling trails. Here, you can find a checkpoint on the Slovenian Mountain Trail. You’ll also find interesting a marked educational trail that reveals the features of the karst landscape and the diverse flora and fauna.


    If you visit Lipica, make sure to go horse riding, and your children can go pony riding. Carriage rides across idyllic meadows are also popular. Lipica is known for a golf course, which is located directly next to the stud farm. The long-distance Via Alpina – red trail and the Alpe Adria Trail run through Lipica, too.