Bike parks in Slovenia


    Bike parks

    Bike parks offer many challenges to cyclists who wish to overcome steep hills and test themselves.

    Experienced professionals as well as less-experienced cycling adrenaline junkies can enjoy Slovenia’s bike parks. No matter whether you are in the former or the latter group, there’s no reason for you not to have an unforgettable adventure in a wonderful mountain environment.


    Bike parks are located in idyllic nature, in mountain ski centres or right next to them. You won’t have to ride uphill much, as you can mostly take your bikes up with the help of cableways. There’s a lot happening in bike parks, too. The best downhill, enduro, and cross-country biking competitors gather at numerous events and world cup competitions.

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    If you’d like to experience the mighty Julian Alps as you tackle your mountain biking challenges, we recommend to visit the bike parks in Kranjska Gora and Vogel. The nature there is truly mighty, access is easy, infrastructure is well-maintained and adjusted to many seekers of outdoor fun.


    Are you running out of time for longer challengers and looking for a bike park near the capital? In this case, head to Krvavec or the Bike Park Cerkno. Try the trails there and enjoy the mountain atmosphere.

    Jamnica in Koroška

    In Koroška, lovers of mountain biking will truly be happy. There, you can find plenty of challenges on the many cycling trails of the Koroš Bike Park. Near Jamnica, you’ll find many single trails, while the longest flow trail in Europe can be found on neighbouring Mt Peca. To experience even more adrenaline, test your skills at the Kope Bike Park or the Poseka Bike Park in Ravne na Koroškem.


    When visiting Slovenia, true mountain biking enthusiasts should not miss the terrains on the plateau-like Pohorje Hills and in Koroška. The bike parks surrounded by Rogla and the Maribor Pohorje Hills are popular with recreational and professional bikers alike.

    Kočevsko Bike Park

    If you head to Kočevsko, the land of vast (primeval) forests, which is home to the brown bear, you can enjoy 12 km of mountain biking trails at the bike park located there.

    Top 5

    Top bike parks

    Bike Park Kranjska Gora

    Bike Park Kranjska Gora is located in the heart of the Julian Alps, on Kranjska Gora's ski slopes. It’s suitable for families and beginners as well as for experienced and professional mountain bikers. The Vitranc 1 four-person chairlift will take you up to the starting point, where you’ll find trails of all difficulty levels. The trails criss-cross one another and bikers can transition from one trail to another. Professional mountain bikers often train and compete on the classic downhill trail. The park also includes a maintenance and repair service and bicycle and protective gear rental. Visitors can also take a guided ride through the park, guided trips, and shuttle tours in the surrounding hills.

    Bike Park Krvavec

    Bike Park Krvavec has diverse trails that offer a rich adrenaline-filled experience high above the Ljubljana Basin. A gondola will take you up to Krvavec from the valley. Access by car is also possible. The Krvavec Bike Park, which runs next to a ski slope, has no fewer than 30 km of marked cycling trails and downhill runs for all tastes and levels of cycling skills. If you’re doing a mountain bike downhill ride for the first time, the Bambino trail is ideal for you. However, the Rock’n’Flow trail is better for those seeking long downhill rides and who are skilled bikers familiar with dynamic and steep trails.

    Bike Park Cerkno

    Bike Park Cerkno, where both families as well as experienced mountain biking lovers can enjoy, is located at the Cerkno Ski Centre, by the upper station of the Počivalo chairlift. Dynamic trails with a total length of 10 km partly run next to the ski slope and partly through the forest. Seven biking trails can be found in the park: one easy family trail, five trails with medium difficulty, and one very difficult trail. Bikes can be rented and there’s bike maintenance and repair as well as a shop selling bike parts. Guided mountain biking trips and courses are available, too. In addition to the bike park, there’s also a Fun Park offering a full day of outdoor fun.

    Bike park Pohorje

    The Maribor Pohorje Hills are a popular destination for mountain bikers, who come here from near and far. Interesting terrains, excellent infrastructure, and lush nature are inviting in and of themselves. An adrenaline-fuelled ride from the top of the Pohorje Hills on various biking trails is the cherry on top. The 5.5 km blue trail is also suitable for beginners. You’ll cover an elevation difference of 710 m. The 2.9 km red freeride trail and the 2.1 km black trail require more biking skills and experience. Competitions at the highest world level take place on the latter. If you don’t have your own bike, bike rental is available.

    Bike Park Vogel

    The bike park in Vogel, at an elevation of 1682 m above sea level, can be accessed by way of a gondola. From there, the Orlove Glave four-person chairlift will take you to the starting point of the 1.4 km trail, and from there you’ll be able to cover a 200 m elevation difference on your bike. The trail has elements with various levels of difficulty and is suitable for beginners and experienced bikers alike. In addition to biking fun, Vogel will charm you with its stunning views extending all around, as far as your eyes can see.